Things you must know about Bakery shop interior design in India

bakery shop interior design in delhi ncr

The aroma of freshly baked goodies, the warmth and colour of exotic ingredients, and an inviting aura that makes the customer happy- this is what an ideal bakery would look like. Bakeries have over a period of time come to be iconic places in a city, which is why their interior design is of prime importance. Who can forget the German bakery in Pune, or the evergreen Jimmy Boy in the heart of South Mumbai!

If you are setting up a new shop or looking to redo an existing one, bakery shop interior design services can be a great help. Following are some tips to keep in mind for bakery shop design in India.

  • 1.Baking Shop Interior Design: Who is it meant for?

bakery shop interior design in delhi ncrWill your bakery cater to clientele that is looking for wedding cakes? Will you solely focus on kid’s cakes? Or are you looking at selling over-the-top party cakes? First things first, determine who will form your customer base.

While a bakery specializing in wedding cakes would need an aesthetic and sophisticated interior design, a kid’s bakery on the other hand would be more colourful and bright in its look and feel. Your customer base will eventually determine the theme and flow of the bakery shop design.

  • 2. Display is the ‘king’ for Bakery Shop Interior

Bakery shop interior design should have the display as its key element. Customers would be drawn to your store by the way the goods are showcased and displayed. Visual appeal is very important. The baked goodies should be categorized and displayed in appropriate sections.

Each of the sections should be well illuminated and designed so as to draw maximum attention. Decide how you want your shop layout to look like.

The layout will be the blueprint for the display which will eventually decide how much footfall you have. As a recommendation, it is always better to have the display organized in a manner so that customers can see the goods the moment they step into the shop.

  • 3. Play with colours

Play with coloursOnce you have zeroed in on a layout, the next step is to ascertain the colour scheme. For an inviting bakery shop interior design, go for bright colours. For an upmarket bakery in a posh location, neutral or light colours with subtle lighting would be a better bet. Dark hues are a big no as they tend to make the place look smaller.

As a best practice, it is advisable to start with a few samples and see how the look shapes up. Accordingly, you can decide which colour to proceed with.

  • 4. Ample space

As already discussed, display is a pivotal part of bakery shop design. However, you also need to ensure that the space is not cluttered and there is enough room for customers to walk around and explore even on busy days. For certain customers, the situation may also call for a seating arrangement where they can sit and discuss the requirements of their cake with the shop owner. Not having enough space for all this can ruin the customer experience and he or she may not come back again. So keep it cluttered and spacious is our recommendation!

  • 5. Regular upgrades

Regular upgradesBakery is an art that keeps evolving with time. Likewise, a great bakery shop interior design should also evolve periodically. There are certain bakery shops in India which have existed for decades now. With such setups, it is always good to have a vintage design. Use of wood, rustic wall art, and visible ingredients on the shelves serve as the perfect complement to the bakery’s character. For bakery shops in metro cities, use of colours and themes as per the contemporary vibe would increase the customer footfall. Many bakeries are also turning into open cafes where the customers can grab a pastry and have their coffee too. Seating space has to be catered to in such places.

Bakery shop design is a niche form of interior design which calls for specific elements. Keep the above pointers in mind and ensure that you invest your money right. ‘Life is what you bake it’. 

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