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ANSA Architecture – Top Residential Architecture & Interior Design Consultancy in India

We have been recognized as top residential architects and interior designers in India at Brand Icon of The Year 2023. This is just one of the many recognitions we have received as house architects and interior designers.

We have worked on several luxury residences all over India. If you’re looking for luxury residential interior designing, connect with us today!

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What Our Customers Say

Our journey with residential architecture and interior designing started over 2 decades ago. Since then, we have enjoyed the love and referrals of almost all our clients and worked with many more who discovered us through our project videos and testimonials. 

Our designs stand out because they’re

  • Aesthetically enhanced
  • Technologically advanced
  • Complete customized
  • In sync with current home design trends
  • Blend style, luxury & comfort
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Why Us?

What makes us the top choice for luxury residential architecture and design? 

First let’s talk of 7 of the biggest problems faced by homeowners across India while hiring residential interior designers. 

7 Problems Faced While Choosing Interior Designers

  1. Chances are you’ve already burned your hands with some architect or interior designer. The inconsistency in the process and dealing may have already made you question whether you even need an interior designer for your home. 
  2. More than 90% of home design projects exceed both budgets as well as timelines.
  3. Due to an increased timeline and budget, you could lose as much as 30% of your overall expenses on the project.
  4. On average, a home design project gets delayed by 12-14 months, causing extreme stress to homeowners who plan to move in to their homes soon.
  5. Most houses end up looking way different than the original designs, due to lack of site checks and quality checks.
  6. Lack of transparency in dealing with vendors causes misunderstandings and mistrust. 
  7. Many homes end up lacking the true luxury and comfort that homeowners spend extra for.

ANSA Architecture and Interiors have built their reputation over 2 decades as award-winning residential interior designers and architects because we help you avoid all of these problems. 

With us, you trust not only us but the word of many homeowners that have hired us for creating their luxury house and ended up becoming a part of our extended family. Their testimonials are the proof of our work and what it really looks like.

With real-time expectation management, we inform you of the real timelines for the project as well as help you set your budget expectations right. 

Not only this, our team’s performance review is directed tied to project delivery thereby creating a highly driven team of architects and interior designers who are keen to deliver your project on time.

With regular quality checks on site by our site supervisors, we ensure what you see in the drawings is what is delivered in the end. 

Did we tell you you directly interact with vendors so that there’s no lack of transparency in the process? 

Still have a question or concern in your mind on hiring us for your dream home? Talk us today and let us help you out!

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We Offer

Expertise & Experience

Our design-thinking approach emanates our skill as well as our experience. We’ve worked on several diverse projects and have beaten challenges that always bring us galore and appreciation of our customers.

Versatile Designs

Our strength is the versatility of our craft, as we’re able to design & execute various projects – be it a luxury villa or a beautiful home.

Award-Winning Designs

We’ve won several awards for our expertise in commercial & residential interior designing.

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