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This is where our roots are! We started our journey as interior designers in Delhi. With an office in Mayapuri, West Delhi, we have worked hard to expand into a team of 80+ architects and interior designers in Delhi. 

For over 2 decades, we have worked actively in the Delhi NCR region – West Delhi, East Delhi, Rajouri Garden, Naraina Vihar, Vasant Kunj – these are just of the few areas where we’re most active at.

We’re currently working in 6 countries and 36 cities. If you’re looking for architects and interior designers in Delhi, talk to us today!

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ANSA Architecture & Interiors Dream Team

Our Architecture & Design Projects in Delhi

The Sky High is the most happening lounge & bar in Delhi that’s one of the most recent ANSA Architecture & Interiors project.

Vegas Mall is a contemporary retail center in Dwarka, Delhi that houses several brands and offices. iDDS is the office design project that we have delivered in this area in New Delhi.

As top interior designers of Delhi, we frequently partner with real estate builders. Naraina Vihar, in South West Delhi, has this excellent home designed by ANSA for Simple Buildtech –  a top real estate company in Delhi.

As much as we love building offices, showrooms & other commercial projects, there’s a deep satisfaction to be achieved by delivering somebody’s dream home. Here’s a luxury residence in Janakpuri we worked on recently.

Here’s a luxury residence in Paschim Vihar, Delhi – one more of the exciting ANSA Architecture and Interiors projects.

S&S Partners Attorneys at Law are a lawyer’s office we approached in a very unique manner. We’ve built some of the top offices across the area leading us to secure our place as one of the top office interior designers in Delhi.

In Dwarka, we have worked on the office of S. Gambhir Buildtech Pvt Ltd – one of the top real estate developers of Delhi. Above is the tour of their finished office space.

Rajouri Garden is one of the most happening areas when it comes to luxury residences in Delhi. Here’s a tour of a 500 sq yd kothi we designed for one of our clients.

We built this kothi in Surajmal Vihar in Delhi from scratch in 2021. Here’s a complete tour of the residence delivered by ANSA Architecture & Interiors.

This is just a TINY glimpse of what we have done and delivered. We have delivered OVER 2757 PROJECTS in the last 2 decades.

Each of our projects is unique, built with customer’s requirements in mind and with an approach to make it luxurious, cost effective, and as per the requirements.

To understand more about our process, talk to us today.

See our portfolio for some designs we have created for our clients across Delhi NCR.

What Our Customers Say

Our expertise in architecture and design has been recognized and loved by several homeowners, and brands. We have won several awards for our work as architects and interior designers of Delhi however, it’s when our clients speak of their experience working with us that we realize the impact of our work.

Our client reviews not only recognize our effort but also pave the way for us to constantly improve and deliver better experiences for our future clients.

We would love to discuss your project with you and work with you to add yourself to our list of happy clients and relationships we’re going to cherish for decades to come. Talk to us today on how we can help you with our architectural and interior design consultancy services.


ANSA Architecture & Interiors is an award-winning company of architects and interior designers of Delhi. With over 29 national awards and accolades, we have worked in 6 countries and 36 cities and delivered over 2757 projects in the last 2 decades. We have constructed over 33 crore sq ft area.

We’re a one-stop shop with 86+ people, including architects, interior designers, and site engineers. Having such a large and dedicated team ensures there’s 100% coordination between architecture and interiors.

We take strict measures to ensure every project delivery is done on time and manage your budget expectations and guide you about them in real-time.

As all materials to be used in the project are bought by the client themselves, we ensure full transparency in the way we work.

We ensure high quality project with regular site visits by our site supervisors.

Over the years, we have dedicated ourselves to understand each and every client problems and built systems and processes to avoid such problem or resolve them quickly.

If you’re looking for architects and interior designers of Delhi that are transparent, on-time, and deliver quality work, connect with us today!

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We Offer

Expertise & Experience

Our design-thinking approach emanates our skill as well as our experience. We’ve worked on several diverse projects and have beaten challenges that always bring us galore and appreciation of our customers.

Versatile Designs

Our strength is the versatility of our craft, as we’re able to design & execute various projects – be it a luxury villa or a beautiful home.

Award-Winning Designs

We’ve won several awards for our expertise in commercial & residential interior designing.

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If you’re looking for Architects & Interior Designers in Delhi, connect with us today!

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Latest Updates From ANSA Architecture & Interiors

More on Interior Designing in Delhi NCR

Look at any list of top interior designers of Delhi, and you’ll find ANSA Interiors in there. What’s the secret? Is there a difference in the approach towards interior designing for the NCR? What’re the top trends and misconceptions about interior designing in Delhi? Let’s unpack that one by one!

6 Most Common Problems Faced by Homeowners & Business Owners While Hiring Interior Designers of Delhi

  1. Most people have already burnt their hands with architects and interior designers that delayed the project, lacked transparency and a consistent design approach.
  2. More than 90% of projects in Delhi NCR exceed budget as well as timelines.
  3. On average, a home interior design project in Delhi NCR gets delayed by 10-14 months. 
  4. A project worth 10 crores loses about 20% of this money on average due to exceeded budgets and timelines. 
  5. Most interior design companies in Delhi NCR end their work at drawings. There’s no site supervision and checks done to assess the quality of the work. 
  6. The lack of trust, understanding and transparency is what leads people to #1 problem that’s way too common.

This makes ANSA Architecture & Interiors Different!

  1. We’re award-winning interior designers in Delhi NCR working for over 20 years now in the architecture and interior design industry. 
  2. We have a team of 80+ including Delhi’s top architects, top interior designers of Delhi and excellent & experienced site supervisors.
  3. Having a team like this helps us bring in 100% coordination in the architecture and design of any project.
  4. Each project we do is assigned to a team consisting of senior designers, junior designers, and 3D Visualizers. The quality and speed of the work of this team directly impacts their appraisal, thereby leveraging a huge incentive for employees to deliver on a timely basis. 
  5. We manage budget expectations for you in real-time and keep you fully updated about the process.
  6. All the materials used in the projects are bought by you, the client themselves and thus, bringing in complete transparency in the procedure.
  7. Due to the size of our team, we’re not limited to one design theory. 

To know more about what makes us different and top interior designers of Delhi NCR, talk to us today!