Home Interior Design in Model Town Delhi

As designers we  juggle with client’s choices, cost factor, time restraints, technology and to top it sustainability. This house in talk belongs to one of our client who is well travelled and has a polished taste. As one walks down the home, one would experience different worlds built, all tied together with a common thread. […]

Bakery Shop Interior Design Project in PitamPura Delhi

In this post, we discuss the bakery shop interior design project we completed in Pitampura Delhi. The success of bakery shop would depend on the quality of product and ambiance. The interiors of any bakery shop would add to the overall shopping experience, thereby attracting more customers. Our surroundings continuously send message to our brain […]

Luxury Bathroom Design: What You Must Know

This post was originally published in the Tribune, written by Sapna Aggarwal – creative director, Ansa Interiors. Bathrooms have come a long way from the tiny, dingy little cubicles that our ancestors rushed in and out of as fast as they could. Spending any thought or money on doing up these rooms was considered a […]

How To Create An Excellent Library Design At Home?

Expert advice on the library design at home, originally published in Financial Chronicle, Delhi by creative director, Ansa Interiors.  Libraries, while once reserved for only the extremely wealthy, are becoming a popular luxury and are showing up in many custom built homes. Like any other room, the design of the spaces can range from Old […]

Closed Vs Open Kitchen Design: Which Is Right?

Here are a few questions regarding the open kitchen design! How should the kitchen layout be planned for best output?

 What are the challenges to maintain such a kitchen? 

In what situations should an open kitchens be planned? 1.What are the advantages and disadvantages of closed vs open kitchen design? In what situations should an […]

Incredibly Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Pests

Note – this post was originally published in Financial Chronicle, Delhi in 2012 by the creative director of Ansa Interiors – top interior designing firm in Delhi. How do you get rid of pests, especially in this season? The answer is simple! Get rid of dark dingy places. Clean your homes. How would that help? […]

Luxury Home Design Report: Masjid Moth Project in Greater Kailash

Design is the basis of creativity with an aim to establish a form which has many faces. On one side it is practical, functional and on the other visually pleasing and has longevity. Good design is a collective balance of modern style Below are the project details of the luxury home design project: Masjid Moth […]

7 Bedroom Design Tips For Newly Married Couples

What is the first thing to do when giving your room a make-over? First and most important depth while designing your room is planning. Google & find the images that you desire for your room. Now start by planning designing & detailing. Detailing is directly related to the outcome. If affordability permits it is always […]

Rustic Interior Design in Delhi

In this post, we discuss the design philosophy and details of the rustic interior design we did for a client in Gujranwala town of Delhi. When a home owner determines or decides to change the interiors of his home, there are many styles or designs to choose from. From contemporary to neo-modern, classical, retro and […]

Simply Complicated – Interior Designing in Vikaspuri Delhi

This article discusses the simply complicated residential interior designing in Vikaspuri Delhi. Objective The life gets busier year after year. The time spent at homes decreases so homes have become like relaxing abodes which cater to the need to detox the stress of our entire day. Minimalistic designs with less maintenance needs, warm calming colours, […]