5 Home Décor Styling Tips You Must Know

In this post, we will share a few of the tricks, hacks and rules interior designers use for home styling.

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If you want to redecorate your home and find out how to do it right, keep reading.

1. Some Basics Rules For Colour

Colour in a home’s design can either be perfect or really, really bad. So, how do you use colour while styling your home?

Firstly, you could go for a monochromatic look.

For example, you picked a colour like blue. Now, all of the space will be blue – the walls, furniture, and decor pieces… just different kinds of blue.

Remember, it’s blue but in different shades, adding layers to the monochromatic colour choice.

It’s a bold way to style your home and is recommended for somebody who loves colours.

The style we at ANSA pick most of the time is where we pick neutral walls and then add pops of colour either in the furniture or just in accent decor pieces. You can bring in multiple colours here or use different shades of the same colour to achieve this look.

When working with colours, remember to balance the colour in the space. There shouldn’t be too much colour on one end and too less on the other. It has to be very balanced.

2. Achieve A Cohesive Look

Have you ever been in a space that didn’t feel right? You see the beautiful furniture pieces and great artwork, and even the colours and lighting is in place. But there’s something about it that makes you feel restless. You want to leave.

99/100 times, the lack of cohesiveness made you feel like that.

A cohesive look in a space is critical. But how do you style your home to achieve that cohesiveness?

First, approach the entire space in mind while designing and styling it. Many people start with decorating a corner and then move on from there. A huge mistake.

You must always keep the bigger picture in mind and then plan the styling.

More ways to create a cohesive-looking home could be working with the same colour palette and ensuring a consistent flow with all design elements.


3. Be careful with patterns

Going wrong with patterns will make your home look messy. Keep in mind the scale as well as the type of pattern while styling. When it comes to scaling, make sure there’s only one main pattern that’s the focus. Rest should be much smaller and should never compete with the main one.

For example, if you place a large rug in your room with a visible and bold pattern, ensure other patterns on things like pillows are tiny, so they don’t compete.

4. Bring Balance & Symmetry To Your Design

Home styling is done right when you carefully bring balance and symmetry to the design.

You have to treat the space as a whole.

Every single direction and piece of furniture can and should be balanced.

As mentioned, the design doesn’t look nice without cohesiveness and balance.

5. Use the rule of 3 for grouping

When thinking of styling your home, always think in groups of 3. Items should be combined and placed in groups of 3 – one of large scale, one of medium and one of slight. When you bring together just 2, it makes things look incomplete. 3 look right and planned instead of things looking like they accidentally fell together over time.

This can be implemented with pretty much every single thing around your home. So, groups of 3 for pillows, vases, coffee table decor, shelf decor… It works everywhere.

And yes, these are my top 5 home decor styling tips. I hope they help you with your home’s styling, and if you’re looking for professional architectural and interior design consultancy, contact us today at ansainteriors.com

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