How To Design A Coworking Space?

Looking for co-working space/ office interior designers in Delhi NCR? Why don’t you check out WorkBee –  a coworking space in Gurgaon designed by ANSA Interiors?

Here’s a quick tour of what the space looks like!



About Coworking Space Interior Design

A coworking space is an arrangement where people who work independently can work in a shared office space. Commonly used by self employed professionals, freelancers, and telecommuters, coworking spaces are emerging to be a top choice for startups in Delhi NCR, that cannot rent big commercial spaces in the nascent stages of their venture. Coworking spaces make it easier & affordable for professionals to work from an office. 

Since commercial spaces are expensive, likewise coming up with a coworking space requires an efficient use of space and proper space planning. This is where top interior designers of Delhi like ANSA Interiors come in. We’re experts at office interior designing and we know how to plan a space for maximum space utilization. Here’s our office interior design portfolio

Here’s what WorkBee’s owner has to say about his experience with ANSA.


Planning A Coworking Space Interior Design

Besides smooth commuting, the office plan of a coworking space needs to be designed to allocate proper space for each of the work stations. The layout must enable an open-connected work environment, where everyone can maintain an eye contact yet have the privacy, especially if they’re not from same organization. 

Ideal work space size should be 4′ X 2′. Computer desk should have ample space after placing the monitor or LCD and the distance & height of monitor from the user, placement of keyboard & mouse need to be designed to suit the comfort.

Sturdiness is a must and while adjustable height is an added advantage. Accessories like filing cabinets, wall hanging to keep pen holders, built in letter trays, visiting card holders, desk organizers, built in lights are a few add-ons to it.

It is important to have “place for everything and everything in place.”

A well planned storage space has to be provided for organized and clutter free office. Tables and chairs have to be ergonomically selected as this is where people have to sit for a minimum of eight hours. Electrical fitting has to be thoroughly checked to save on any extra- exposed wire running after renovation. Checklist of requirements have been adhered to- UPS, server, EPABX, LAN, Wi-Fi, intercom, extra switch sockets, call bell, audio system, automation or any other. Professionals are required to be hired to do respective work.

The uncluttered look with no extra designing makes it easier to focus on one’s work. An open design would give space for interaction. With space becoming expensive, the trend is moving towards reduced individual spaces. Many organizations have re-planned their offices with cut back on private offices and replacing them with more collaborative office spaces.

Neutral color tones are used in rustic interiors. This grayish office; the design style used here is rustic.  Open areas are important in  office for creative ideas to flow and allowing casual conversation. This allows elaborating, communicating and tossing ideas and formulating plan of action in high energy and excitement.  Good lighting and ventilation is a must to any work area. The innovatively designed co working area is like a cherry on the cake.