We’re the best themed restaurant interior designers in Delhi NCR & Srinagar.

If you’re looking for architects and interior designers for restaurant, you may want to stick around and continue reading more about Ansa Architecture & Interiors, what makes us the award-winning architects and interior designers in India & what projects we’ve done so far.

Our Restaurant Architecture & Interior Design Portfolio

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    Architecture & Interior Design For Restaurants

    Established in 2002, Ansa Architecture & Interiors is an award-winning interior designing firm in Delhi NCR. We’ve won over 15 awards for our excellent architecture and interior designing work.

    We’ve successfully completed over 2757 projects – for residential and commercial spaces. We’re especially renowned for luxury interior designing, residential architectural and interior designing, showroom interior design, restaurant interior design, office architecture and design, gym, hotel & educational institute interior designing.

    About Our Restaurant Architecture & Interior Design Consultancy Services

    If you’re looking for architects and interior designers for restaurants who can help you create a restaurant according to a unique design theme, and with a unique personalized and functional approach to restaurant design, we must talk!

    Here are a few reasons why we’re the top restaurant interior designers in India!

    • With a team of 80+ architects, interior designers and site engineers, our team isn’t restricted to a single design theory. We are fully capable to deliver a design of your liking, that’s unique, 100% customized and fully functional to help you drive business while saving money on the operation costs. 
    • We create cost-effective & sustainable designs.
    • We create themed restaurant designs, so that you can bring in the true vibe of the cuisine & culture you’re going for.
    • We understand how restaurant interior design is much more than the basic lighting, wall hangings, flooring and furniture. Everything from the basic interiors to the spacing between the kitchen and the dining area matters when it comes to restaurant design.
    • We can get you the design you need, while keeping it trendy!

    Our Restaurant Interior Design Philosophy

    We keep 2 things in mind when we’re designing a restaurant –

    1. An engaging design
    2. A sustainable profitable design

    A restaurant’s design has to be engaging enough to make the customer feel delighted at the very sight of it. A large part of impression of food comes through the ambience and we ensure your restaurant has the right ambience set to help your customers enjoy their meals.

    The design also has to be sustainable enough to help you set up a profitable restaurant. With our energy-saving technological enhancements, your restaurant can have a design that actually contributes to the overall success of your restaurant.

    Restaurant Interior Designing in Delhi NCR

    If professional restaurant interior design is what you are looking for, then ANSA Architecture & Interiors is the solution to all your needs. We provide holistic restaurant interior design services to create spaces that are truly inviting, and exhibit a unique character and personality of their own. Bring the canvas of your dream restaurant to life with us today; book a consultation here!

    Gone are the days when a restaurant used to be all about eating decent food in a comfortable seating environment. Eating out has a lot more to it today- it is an experience. There are many elements a customer pays attention to, with ambience being the key deciding factor when it comes to choosing a venue for dining out. The perfect ambience comes with a combination of factors- lighting, patterns, walls, accessories, art, layout, and so on and so forth. The colour palette you choose will influence customer appetites, and also enhance the visual appeal of the space. Storage and functionality of furniture are other aspects you need to look at.

    With so much at stake (besides the food and beverages), you need a professional to cater to all your restaurant interior design needs. They say getting the blueprint right is already half the job done well. Conception of design, strategy to execute it, physical articulation of the design elements- eventually all contribute to attracting the desired customer base (which is a must for success in this industry).

    With so many interior designers in India, it can be a challenge to make a prudent choice. However, if you want your restaurant to be the cynosure of all eyes and designed with elements as unique and perfect as you are, ANSA Interiors is all you need!

    We deliver the perfect blend of comfort and functionality, elegance and style, without compromising on any regulations or norms.

    Unlike most interior designers, our aim is not just to throw in a design solution without any room for you to give your inputs. Our interior design model is based on a collaborative style, where we let our clients pitch in with their thoughts and ideas. At the same time, we suggest ways and methods of doing that effectively and recommending any improvements if possible. So, the restaurant interior design you get eventually will have a personal touch to it, making the place warmer and more welcoming.

    • When you choose us as your professional interior designer for your restaurant, you can rest assured that everything will be planned meticulously and will be well taken care of. We will support you in every way possible, whether it is the purchase and order of materials, or ensuring that you stay within the stipulated budgets. We collaborate with clients on layouts creation as well as site supervision. Everything is as transparent as it can get!
    • ANSA interiors takes pride in paying attention to detail. Something as small as an electrical fitting to something as significant as a chandelier installation in the middle of the dining area- we manage the process end-to-end for our clients.
    • To ensure consistency of design and adherence to highest standards of service quality, we assign a dedicated designer for each of our restaurant interior design projects. This gives our clients the freedom to connect and collaborate as and when needed, and ensuring the same script is being followed all through to the final delivery of the project.   

    Restaurant Design Services We Offer

    • Bar interior design
    • Cafe interior design
    • Open lounge interior design
    • Rooftop restaurant interior design
    • Lounge interior design
    • Pubs interior design
    • Food courts interior design
    • Mini restaurant design
    • Restaurant design themed according to the cuisine
    • Bakery shop design
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      We’re the best themed restaurant interior designers in Delhi NCR & Srinagar. If you’re looking for architects and interior designers for restaurant, you may want to stick around and continue reading more about Ansa Architecture & Interiors, what makes us the award-winning architects and interior designers in India & what projects we’ve done so far. [...]