We offer a wide range of institutional interior designing services to all kind of educational institutes, be it schools or educational institutes.

Our interior designs for educational institutes are aimed majorly at the utilization of space, creating an ambiance that facilitates learning, and is comfortable for both teachers and students.

Our interior designing services are 100% customized as per client’s instruction and also adhere to the budget allocations.

We have undertaken design services for various institutions like preschool interior designing, interior designing for schools, college interior designing, interior designing for universities and institutional interior designing services.

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Our Interior Design Portfolio

Institutional interior design is a niche area with considerable difference in design elements which are found in conventional interior design. Whether it is a school, college, or a university, each of these places have a unique character and personality of their own, and call for a design that combines functionality with a positive learning ambience.

ANSA Interiors can help you do that with ease through its professional institutional interior design services. Get in touch today for a consultation!

Why you need professional interior designer for institutional interior design

As already mentioned, institutional design calls for a greater level of detail and attention when it comes to the design elements. Here are a few reasons which will further establish the importance of having a professional onboard when it comes to your institutional interior design.

  1. Schools and other educational institutions must look and feel a certain way. The design has to be conceptualized in a way that fosters a conducive learning and teaching environment for the students and teachers respectively. Only a professional can understand such requirements and address them impeccably for you.
  2. Institutions must strictly adhere to local laws and regulations. Since these are home to students, teachers, and other staff for extensive periods of time, their safety and well-being is of utmost importance. Only the best interior designers in Delhi can help you come up with a design which is compliant with local laws and regulations. Everything from wiring to plumbing to fire safety equipment is well taken care of.
  3. Utilization of space is a key factor when we talk of institutional interior design. The placement of study tables and chairs, blackboards and display boards such that they are clearly visible to all students in a classroom, enough walking space between aisles for the teacher to monitor all students- these are finer nuances of the art which only a professional can look into for you.
  4. Institutional interior design does not have to be monotonous or one-dimensional by any standards. Classic and timeless designs can be brought to life through creative use of colours and visual elements such as logos. Learning is a creative process and that should reflect in the interior design of a school or a college. Here again, professional services of reputed names like ANSA interiors can bring your institution to life.

About ANSA Interiors

ANSA Interiors takes great pride in providing professional institutional interior design services to its clients. Our portfolio speaks for itself. In the past, we have successfully executed and delivered interior design projects for some of the top pre-schools, schools, colleges, and universities in the region. Our strength lies in consistently meeting and exceeding the customer expectations through a collaborative design process.

When you choose us as your partner for institutional interior design, be rest assured that our competent professionals will be there to assist you right from the beginning till the completion of the project. We take utmost care of budget allocations and make sure that our clients are never mentally stressed when it comes to going overboard with their expenses. In-depth information is shared with the customer at every stage- creation of layouts, 3-D views of the design, site supervision, order and purchase of materials and furniture, and so on and so forth.

In addition, we also endeavor to maintain consistency of interior design by having one dedicated professional from our team assist clients on an entire project from start to end. This helps us to maintain service standards without compromising on the uniformity of design. No wonder ANSA interiors has become a well-known name in the space of top interior designers in Delhi!

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