Top 21 Life-Changing Office Interior Designing Tips

office interior designing for graphic designers

Designing a new office? Office interior designing isn’t just about the aesthetics. It’s also about the branding and productivity of your employees. Given the importance of office interior designing, we’ve shared some of our top tips on office interior design.

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Working individuals spend major time of their life in the office. The work environment greatly impacts the output and the creativity of the employees working in the office space.

  1. Since commercial spaces are very expensive, space planning and optimum utilization of the space takes the lead in office interior designing.
  2. Another important thing to prioritize for an office space is smooth commuting. The employees should be able to move around the space easily and efficiently.
  3. The office space should allocate optimum space for each work station. Each employee must have their own dedicated space where they can work from. Remember, they’re going to spend more time in the office than in their home. Ensure, they have something they can call their own.
  4. Lighting is generally very important in interior design. Here’s another blog post we wrote discussing lighting. However, that one discusses important of lighting in home design. In office interior designING, lighting directly impacts the output of the employee as it governs the attention span of the employee. Therefore, it’s important to prioritize natural lighting.
  5. Avoid dark spaces in your office. Dark spaceS can be dull, reduce your employee productivity as well as can impact general employee satisfaction.
  6. Optimum ventilation and proper air conditioning make a great impact on the comfort of the employees. Remember, if they’re not comfortable, they won’t work to their full potential. But if they’re too comfortable, that could also go wrong. Your design choices need to bring in a balance to encourage productivity.
  7. Optimum air circulation and temperature regulation is important.
  8. Make sure you provide clean washroom access to your employees. Ideally, his and her washrooms should be separate. Even if you’re low on space, try to keep them separate to avoid future personnel complaints and issues. It’s a matter of safety & basic human rights rather than comfort when it comes to the washroom access.
  9. Don’t forget the basics like availability of distilled water, tea or coffee machine and a well-ventilated pantry while designing your office space. It adds to the convenience for employees and encourages them to spend more time working in the office. Remember, they need breaks and you want them to stay in the premises for their breaks.
  10. Design should be inviting and stimulating.
  11. Avoid the dull greys and blacks.
  12. Use colours and elements that pep up the space. Try adding something that could achieve that, for example, fresh plants or mint green fake plants if fresh plants aren’t manageable.
  13. The colour plays a huge impact on the psychology of any human being. Therefore, go for colours like mint green & aqua colours. These are stimulating & happy colours and directly impact your employee psychology.
  14. Have a place for everything and have everything in place.
  15. You need a very well planned storage to ensure you follow point 14. A properly pre-planned storage would stay organized and clutter-free as the hustle and bustle of the office begins.
  16. Ensure tables and chairs you choose for the office interiors are ergonomically correct. This is where people will sit for minimum of eight hours. Make sure it’s comfortable!
  17. Get the electrical fitting correct. You need really good pre-planning to save those extra wires from running after the renovation. Whatever wiring you’ll need including the UPS, server, LAN, Wi-Fi, intercom, extra switch sockets, call bell, audio system, automation – anything that comes to your mind, list it down before the renovation so that no extra wires are running around exposed or as an eye-sore for your office space.
  18. Hire professional interior designers for such planning as they’ve the experience to cover up everything that you might miss as the first-time office designer. ANSA Interiors are top office interior designers in Delhi. Check out our office interior design portfolio!
  19. Make space for your employees to sit together for lunch hours. This helps in interaction in the office & ensures your employees can relax. It really helps with their productivity.
  20. Remember an employees feels comfortable in office only when they have their OWN table rather than a space that belongs to everybody. Avoid having them rotate around. They need their own space.
  21. Keep in check of pest control by hiring professional services.
  22. Ensure fire safety planning and add fire-fighting equipment.

For professional designing consultancy, don’t forget to get in touch with us. We hope these tips help you plan your office better!

Here are some of the office spaces we’ve designed for our clients. Don’t forget to check our portfolio for complete works! For office tours, check out our YouTube channel.

office interior designing tips

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office interior designing for graphic designers

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