Top 20 Latest Bedroom Interior Designs

ultra chic bedroom interior design

Looking for top 20 latest bedroom interior designs? Look no more for you’ve all the latest bedroom designs we’ve created for our clients. These designs have been loved and accepted by our luxury interior designing clientele and we’re sure you’ll love them too!

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1. Let’s begin with our much loved design. We wouldn’t say it’s super fresh but it continues to be loved by our social media audience even when the actual project delivery happened quite a long time back. The touch of traditional motifs and murals along with a huge chandelier brings in a statement of luxury and grandeur.

ultra luxury bedroom design

2. If you’re looking for modern bedroom interior designs we highly recommend this bedroom idea. Moreover, it’s a rather small bedroom design that maximizes the utilization of the space. The wall at the back with a huge piece of artwork gives it an artsy and modern feel while the dark yellow bed with floating side tables combines both the function and design. There’s also a sleek dressing table illuminated by big bulbs all over to get you an instagram-worthy bedroom.

ultra chic bedroom interior design

3. If you’re hoping to create a traditional yet modern bedroom especially for the elder ones in your house, we’ll recommend you bedroom interior designs like this one! The wall has carved motifs and the bed’s curved headboard makes a statement by itself. Again a small bedroom, it offers extra seating space while the use of sleek curtains and lighter tones ensures the space looks bigger than it actually is.

traditional bedroom interiors

4. Here’s one of our latest kids bedroom designs for when your kid is at an age where he doesn’t want cartoons in his room but isn’t old enough to have a bedroom that would suit the taste of an adult or even a teenage boy. For those times, we recommend a bedroom that’s artsy but has a toned down look. We used the straight geometrical lines to decorate the walls to make them stand out.

simple kids bedroom interiors

5. Raising your daughter like a princess comes with its own set of challenges. You need to give her a room that’s good enough for her standards, a room that makes her feel like a princess. We designed this room for a young princess like that, who wanted a royal feel but didn’t want extreme grandeur. We used the gold and light pink to create a beautiful yet toned down barbie-themed room for the girl. The bed is set against a wall with intricate floral pattern while the dark green chairs break the monotony of the room to make it look super stylish!

royal bedroom interiors

6. As top interior designers of Delhi, we’ve worked with several clients –  each of which come with their own set of preferences and requirements. This one was crafted for a client that wanted a very simple bedroom. It’s a guest bedroom that has been decorated with the bare minimum… yet, we managed to give it a luxury vibe by using abstract art on the statement wall. As the room is rather small, we used mirrors to hide away the wardrobes. Mirrors give an enlarging feel to a small space and perfected the vibe of this small guest bedroom.

residential bedroom interiors

7. Use of wood in interior designing and decoration is our favorite. It’s one of the best building materials that can really blend in with any interior style – rustic, contemporary and even traditional. Moreover, wood adds a certain earthiness to a space, that helps you feel more grounded & in-sync with your inner self. So, when we took up a project and started work on this particular bedroom where we needed the modern vibe, we used a lot of wood – to make a statement wall and to line the wardrobe and to keep a dressing space – all in the same room. Use of hanging lights on one side completed the look of this modern bedroom.

modern bedroom design with wooden panels on wall

8. Here’s another one of the bedroom designs where we used wood to make a statement. The wooden flooring and the wooden panels on the wall adjacent to the bed along with wooden side tables make up the entirely new earthy vibe of the room. We combined it with use of charcoal grey – a very trending colour for latest bedroom interior designs.

modern bedroom design with black finish

9. Another latest bedroom interior idea is to use fabric quilting for the main bedroom wall. We combine this style with use of metallic gold in the furniture and lining. It’s a very modern style, that you could try for your bedroom. Remember, if you need professional help, you should connect with us at 98106-30334. We’re the top interior designers in Delhi NCR & can help you with luxury interior designing.

bedroom design with the blue statement wall

10. Here’s another style of bedroom with fabric quilting at the main wall, with sides of the wall crafted in layered glass. The colour theme of this room is a bit darker than the previous one.

bedroom interiors delhi

11. Here’s another project where we used fabric quilting to create the master bedroom. We used the touch of gold but also added a piece of abstract art on the wall above the fabric quilting to make the bedroom look even better. The walk-in wardrobe in concealed with giant doors with metallic finish, that open into a luxury wardrobe.

bedroom with gold finish

12. As we mentioned, we love using the wooden textures in the interior design. This particular bedroom design has a visible wardrobe, perfect for a fashionista to display her collection of luxury couture. Does that sound something like your own style?

bedroom design with closet

13. How do you design a bedroom for a career-focused bachelor that expects luxury but minimalistic vibe from his room? You use colours and textures that are toned down, and minimal, just like in this bedroom’s interiors!

bedroom design with black interiors

14. Designing bedrooms becomes even more fun when the client’s personality is as vibrant as this one. The client loved basketball and wanted his bedroom to capture his love and personality. We did just that in this bedroom interior design.

luxury bedroom interiors

15. This is a barbie themed bedroom. Kids bedroom are our favorite to create for they have so much room for creativity. Each bedroom we’ve created gives us a chance to make it nothing less than a bedroom straight out of a fairy tale. What do you think of this one?

bedroom interiors theme based

16. In this bedroom we created for a client in Aligarh, we used jacquard weaves on the wall to give it a unique luxury vibe.

The jacquard weave incorporated in bedroom at aligarh.

17. This bedroom is simple yet extremely unique. It’s something we designed for a music lover, but has a really earthy yet modern vibe in it.

bedroom interior design

18. Here’s a luxury bedroom with a perfect mix of beige tones and the abstract art. We used the wall with abstract painting on it and blue colour tone just makes the whole room more lively.

unique bedroom interiors

19. Use of stone and marble in bedroom interiors is the biggest trend of this time. We used the trend to create an excellent bedroom interiors and used statement lighting on the main wall to complete the look.

bedroom interior design in delhi

20. Last but not the least, we have another kids bedroom that we had a lot of fun creating. The bedroom has several elements that capture all the needs in a kids room – from a study table to cool exercising area to a basket full of toys – it has everything.

kids bedroom design for dog lovers

As top interior designers in Delhi, we have created more than 100 bedrooms for our clients. You can check a glimpse of our portfolio over here. For professional interior designing consultancy, please connect with us at 98106-30334