Top 7 Life-Altering Bedroom Interior Designing Tips

residential bedroom interior designing

Bedroom interior designing is the foundation upon which you will build your ‘sacred sanctuary.’

The bedroom is that sacred sanctuary where an individual comes back after a long day of work to rest, unwind, and rejuvenate. It is an area within your home which ‘totally’ belongs to you and allows you to spend quality time with family.

As one of the leading Delhi interior designers, we can help you achieve your goals. Read on to get an overview of the key elements in bedroom interior designing.

  • Plan the layout

Any form of interior designing relies heavily on a well planned layout, and a bedroom is no exception to this norm. This has to be done before you go about buying any furniture for the room. Define and demarcate areas which show what goes where.

The plan should be such that there is a 2-3 feet distance between different furniture item(s) and the walls. This will allow free movement within the room, and is especially useful to prevent young kids from hurting themselves in the bedroom.

Once the floor plan is done, furniture can be bought accordingly.

residential bedroom interior designing

  • Furniture- less is more

As we mentioned in the beginning, your bedroom is a sanctuary. You do not want to clutter it with unnecessary stuff. Taking this into cognizance, we suggest that you only keep the furniture which is required.

A bed, a nightstand, a dresser, and a table is all you need.

To add that extra stand out element, you can make use of an accent chair with a foot stool, that can sit prettily in one corner of your bedroom. Bedroom interior designing is all about minimalism and functionality, so only pick and choose what you absolutely need.

  • Go soft with the colors

It can be a tempting choice to go for a bold hue when painting your bedroom walls. But keep in mind that this could disrupt the harmony of the room and defeat the very purpose a bedroom is meant for.

Soft tones are the way to go here. Choose the subtle lavenders, blues, and greens, which are synonymous with rest and tranquility.

For the ceiling, go for the traditional whites or creams. You could add subtle patterns or artwork to the ceiling to create an intimate environment.

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  • Play with layers of lighting

A bedroom can mean different things at different times to the same person. For example, you might want to read during the afternoon, but you might also want to sit calmly and reflect on your thoughts during the evening. This is the reason why it is so important to have multiple options when it comes to lighting a bedroom.

The ambient lighting can be best achieved through natural light and fixed light sources such as chandeliers, ceiling lights, or tube lights. Have a separate source for the reading light.

Last but not the least, make use of accent lights to illuminate specific areas of the bedroom. This sets the mood and tone of the space and helps you create an aura as per your liking. As you must have seen by now, having different layers of light makes a huge difference when we talk of bedroom interior designing.

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  • Storage with a difference

The maxim ‘out of sight, out of mind’ holds absolutely true for bedroom storage. While you need to have plenty of storage space here, it should be such that it is hidden from sight. Drawers, chests, closets, trunks- these are all great ways of maximizing storage space without having to keep too much stuff in the open that is visible to the naked eye.

This is important to create a restful vibe within the bedroom. Whatever stuff you need at a particular moment, you can reach out to the appropriate place and grab it in no time.

A very simple example is when you are reading in the bedroom. Your books and reading glasses can go in the night stand drawer; they do not have to bother you when they are not required.

For bedroom paraphernalia such as sheets, quilts, blankets, pillow covers you can use trunks. More often than not, the bed itself has a storage box underneath which can house all these things for you.

Do watch this video for more tips on bedroom interior design!

  • Stamp your personality

The personal touch is oh-so important for bedroom interiors. Remember that this room belongs to you and your family, so that ambience of warmth, love, and coziness cannot be missing. To achieve this, we recommend including family photos in the overall scheme of things. You could do one big portrait or try a DIY collage with different photos you have collected over the years.

Another element you could add is a wall accent or may be a green plant for those earthy vibes. Choose something you can relate to or have a memory associated with.

Aromas and scents are also very common in modern day homes- you can add one that makes you feel connected. There are other accessories which you could use in a bedroom; eventually it boils down to your personal liking.

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  • Luxury thy name is linen

Nothing adds luxury to a bedroom the way fabrics and linens do.

You can begin by having a plush rug near the bed.

Cover up the windows with heavy fabrics and textures.

This will not only make the bedroom elegant, but also help to keep out daylight on days you want to sleep longer.

As for the bed sheets, make sure they complement the colors of the walls and the furniture. Keep them crisp, neat, and clean. You could also add a canopy to the bed to create a cozy and sensual vibe.

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