6 Best Secrets of Bathroom Interior Designing

white marble bathroom interior designing

Bathroom interior designing is an often overlooked yet significant part of creating a home. For what it offers in terms of usage and functionality, a bathroom can be one of the most aesthetic and peaceful corners of the house. This is where we at Ansa Interiors come into the picture. As one of the top Delhi interior designers, we help you build and conceptualize a bathroom design that fits your personal needs and preferences. Read on to know some of the key areas we focus on while designing the interior for your bathroom.

  • Personalization is the key

First things first, the secret to creating a great bathroom design is understanding the personal taste of the people who will be using it the most. This is important so as to make the right choices when it comes to the bathroom design elements such as lighting, wall accents, the ceiling patterns, the floor set-up, and the like.

A very simple example can be designing a bathroom for elderly people. It would be best to use subtle colours, and a solid sturdy material for the floor which has anti-slip properties. There is a reason we rank among the best interior designers of Delhi NCR today. Understanding our client’s needs is the first step to a great luxury bathroom design.

  • Choosing the right layout

As with all other spaces within a home, planning a layout is very important for a great bathroom. This assumes all the more significance because a bathroom is an interplay of complex plumbing arrangements. Any area missed during the planning stage could result in heavy cost implications to redo the space. So we help you plan your bathroom layout in such a manner that all plumbing points are visible. In addition, every other area is properly outlined and demarcated. This includes the sinks, the bath tub, the toilet seat, the vanity, and the storage spaces. A well planned bathroom is half the job done.

We recently posted a video discussing plumbing challenges in India. Watch it here!

  • Deciding on the fixtures

Once the layout is decided, the next important step in bathroom interior designing is determining what fixtures will be used.

Talking about sinks, the market is replete with many options in different shapes and materials. Couples usually prefer to have twin sinks (separate for male and female). We advise our clients to go for these only if there is enough space in the bathroom to accommodate both.

Sinks can be wall-mounted if there is a space constraint. Else, you could go for an inset model too.

Next comes the bath area; you can opt for standing showers or a full-fledged bath tub. If you are looking for luxury, a Jacuzzi can be a great add on. Bath tubs usually sit neat and clean in a corner of the bathroom.

We also help you choose customized showers as per your personal style. Both fixed and detachable options are available here.

Last but not the least, the toilet seat is an integral fixture in any bathroom. There is variety in terms of material and size; you can make the best pick depending on the total area available for the bathroom.

white marble bathroom interior designing

  • Lighting that flatters

One of the key components in creating a modern yet relaxing bathroom interior design is the use of different light sources.

For a tranquil vibe, it is advisable to use soft and subtle lights.

For other areas with different functionalities, a specific light source could be used. A case in point being the vanity area which you would frequently use to get ready. Studio lights can be a great fit here.

Likewise, heat lamps could be used in winter months when having a hot water shower or a steam bath.

Also, there should be a place for natural light to flow into the bathroom. This can be achieved through the use of blinds, or other privacy options. Nevertheless, natural light is important- it keeps the harmony and vibe of the space intact.

  • Have ample storage

Storage is another main point of focus for bathroom interior designing. Space constraints can make it challenging at times. The trick is to play smart and keep some items on the surface, while the less used ones can go hiding in the storage area. If you are fond of bold and bright coloured bathroom linen, you could display it on glass shelves in the bathroom.

The other bath products such as shower gel supplies, body cream extras, and the like, can go in the storage drawers or closets. Same holds true for the make-up products. For daily wear clothes such as night suits or comfy pajamas, you can use hooks over the doors. The only word of caution- do not put too many of them.

  • Decorate the space

Once all essentials have been taken care of, try to up the glam quotient of your bathroom through a host of accessories and decorative accents. To begin with, you could use plush bathroom rugs. For the walls and the floors, any pattern, symbol, or color that is synonymous with water is a winner all the way. For a more luxurious and elegant look, you can opt for marbles or customized stone. For the shower curtains and accessories such as toothbrush holders and soap dispensers, you could use a colour-coordinated theme to define the personality of your bathroom. To take things a notch higher, incorporate candles or incense sticks with diffusers as well. Fancy mirrors and one or two succulents, and you have a classy bathroom ready!

Bathroom interior designing is no mean task by any standards. A lot of thought and consideration has to go into the planning, layout, and execution. Not only this, a farsighted vision also helps here- knowing the future of the family (having kids or kids moving out) will help us make a design for you that can take care of these changes in the future without incurring any significant costs. Get in touch with Ansa Interiors today for all your residential interior designing needs. We will be happy to assist you!