5 Creative Interior Decor Tips for Cafe

cafe interior design

Cafés are the perfect places to hang out with loved ones, have some heartwarming conversations over delicious food and coffee, and for some brainstorming and philosophical thinking too. In this context, it goes without saying that café interior design is the key to making the place from more than just an eatery into something that is welcoming and cozy. As one of the leading interior designers in Delhi, we have some tips for café décor that will help you create a wonderful ambience. Here we go!

cafe interior design

  • 1. A prominent and welcoming exterior

First things first, a café exterior has to be designed in an inviting way to attract customers. A bright logo, which is both glamorous and sophisticated would immediately draw customer attention. Beautiful artworks, entrance with huge plants, and glass walls that highlight some, if not all, of your food and beverage offerings- these are all ways to create a great café exterior.

  • 2. Lighting that speaks

Interior designers in Delhi would tell you often that lighting is a key design element for any space. However, it becomes the central point when we talk of café interior design. Here the lighting does not only have the functional aspect to it, but also works on mental and psychological planes- boosting appetites by making the food visually appealing, and creating positive vibes within the space when done right. For food displays, bright lighting is recommended. For the seating space, accent lighting and decorative fixtures would work best. The idea is to create a perfect balance between bright and subtle, so that the place looks in perfect harmony.

  • 3. The colours and accessories

The colours palette and accessories in a café would to a large extent be determined by the category of customers being catered to. Coffee chains with multiple franchises would work on a standard colour palette and seating arrangements. Dark earthy colours and wooden furniture work best.

Then come the casual cafés where the design elements are more dramatic and unique. Special types of wall art, textures, funky accessories, balanced with a neutral colour palette is what works here.

Cafés where the working professionals or the avid readers come often would do best by having an interior that is subtle, neat and clean. The seating space is much more elaborate here with exquisite chairs and wide tables adorning the interior.

For the good old vintage café, unique accessories, layered furnishings and textures, multiple hues of brown, and some books and quotes work best.

  • 4. Incorporate physical manifestations of food

This can be referred to in technical terms as ‘gastronomic analogy’. As already mentioned, the main intention of café interior design is to boost customer appetites. So having physical manifestations of food goes a long way. If your café specializes in baked goods, you can have 3-D muffin figures. Coffee beans are another great idea for gastronomic analogy. To keep up with the café culture in every sense of the word, you can have liquid coffee or chocolate dripping down the walls- a great way to market what you are selling, while also sending out great vibes.

  • 5. It is all about balance

At the end of the day, effective café interior design is all about balancing the layout and art. The design has to be such that the functionality is not compromised. At the same time, it is important to ensure that the aesthetics of the place are intact. There should be enough space between tables to walk around. However, it should not be too wide either. Have a mix of booths and formal seating arrangements to create a unique vibe. Also, the food shelves should be clearly visible. We also recommend adding appropriate music (based on the theme of the café) to give a kick to the overall ambience.

As you must have seen by now, café interior design is a holistic mix of many elements. Get in touch with ANSA interiors today for comprehensive café interior design solutions!