5 Décor Tips For Restaurants

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While the menu is ‘oh so important’ for a restaurant, eventually it is the ambience that will decide its popularity among customers and in turn the success of the business. Restaurant interior design is a niche field and there are many finer nuances that need to be looked into. Following are some tips and tricks that should help.

rooftop restaurant interior design in delhi

1.Choose the right layout

A great restaurant layout is the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. Organize the area in such a way that there is enough space for movement. The furniture should not be too cluttered or too widely spread out either. Just ensure there is enough room for the servers and guests to move around as and when needed. You can have a separate dining area and a distinct lounge area, if resources and budget allow.

2. Furniture choices matter

When it comes to picking the furniture pieces, go for something that is in line with the theme of the restaurant. A restaurant that serves fine Indian cuisine would do best with elegant wooden chairs and tables. On the other hand, a place serving delectable western fare should have statement furniture pieces in contemporary materials. For fast food restaurants, bright and bold furniture works really well. Choose as per the theme and you are already half way there when it comes to getting the perfect restaurant interior design.

3. Experiment with the walls

Interior designers in Delhi NCR fully promote experimentation when it comes to designing the restaurant walls. But there has to be a method behind experiments too. At ANSA, we provide unique and custom-made solutions for the same. Textures and layers work really well on restaurant walls. If budget is a constraint, you can go for textured wallpapers- they are not only cost-effective but have the same impact as an actual wall texture. Incorporate shelving on the walls. It can be used to showcase spices or some unique pictures and modern art pieces. Word of caution- do not go overboard with shelving, less is more here.

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4. Colour scheme of the restaurant

Colours have a very significant role to play in restaurant interior design. They are not just an artistic element here, they stimulate and subsequently boost appetite when done right. Some colours are known to trigger food cravings and make you eat more, which is essentially what restaurant business is all about. A restaurant specializing in Indian street food would do great when the interiors have colours such as red, green, and the like (something synonymous with the Indian sauces we know better as ‘chutneys’). The conclusion? Choose a colour palette that makes the customer have more on their plate!

5. Varied lighting elements

A restaurant thrives on its ambience which makes it quite obvious that the lighting elements are vital here. A combination of different kinds of lighting is highly recommended. The dining area should have subtle lighting. It could be a combination of accents and decorative fixtures. It should not be too bright- just enough for guests to eat and strike a conversation in a relaxing environment. For any shelves or food displays, bright lighting is beneficial- customers can clearly see what is on offer. A statement light piece such as a chandelier or modern pendant light can elevate the vibes significantly.

Apart from the above, you should also incorporate music in the scheme of things (appropriate music is also known to boost appetites). Add nature in the form of plants or huge flower vases to liven up the space. Showcase unique art pieces and paintings on the walls or shelves.

Your search for the best restaurant interior designers in Delhi NCR ends with ANSA. Get in touch today for a tailor-made restaurant interior design solution!