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Interior Design Philosophy Of A Modern City Home

modern luxury bedroom design by top interior designers in delhi

The life gets busier year after year. The time spent at homes become more relaxing which cater to the need of stress if our entire day. Minimalist designs with fewer maintenance needs, warm calming colors, natural textures, soft shapes, automation are thereby natural choices. To spend evenings and nights close to natural elements after the day spent in city’s plastic life is a bliss.  The home described here belongs to one such working family. The home has four bedrooms, a Drawing Room, Lounge, Mandir, kitchen and a utility.

Decor of the Day: Interior Design Decor

Lounge Area

An Interior Design project in the 2nd tier city of India, Pipariya, could have easily passed off as any mediocre project but the client’s aspirations to become ‘ the talk of the town’ made it into a challenge. The residence had to create an identity in the fast-evolving city and yet create an identity that does not impose an alien language. The home just had to assert its own presence among-st the elite of the society. It is a known fact that all interior design work under pressure to prove their melted which increases with each project. For this specific simple residential project, the pressure was quadrupled looking at the client’s aspirations. Imagine as a harmonious blend of Indian and Middle Eastern styles, but with a completely modern approach. The interior designer home spelled of an understated luxury.

Decor of the day: How To Identity Focal Point of a room

Focal Point of a room (6)

Focal Point of a room are the principles of art that draw attention to a specific location in work. The same principle applies to interiors. Mostly art and interior have at least one focal point  and sometimes multiple. The idea of a focal point is to concentrate our attention like bull’s eye on the target. Though our vision is fairly wide at any given point in time, we can focus our vision on a small area. The emphasis or focal point usually accentuates concepts, themes or ideas that the artist or designer wants to express. A design without a focal point is mute with little or o variations. The idea behind emphasis is to create conceptual linkage between the whole designs and softly blend the whole design with the theme. The whole interior of the room becomes a composition and sings of harmony.

Interior Design Home Makeover Ideas

latest bedroom design luxury interior designers in delhi

The richness of the whole project defines by one thing – “ detailing”. The interiors have to be futuristic keeping into A/C the longevity & livability of interior design. The element of continuity and harmony are a major focus. The priorities are the client’s dream and their brief. The whole house is a fusion of contemporary design with the colonial style.  The knowledge about physical properties than longevity of the materials being use is primarily important.

Decor of the Day : Winter Decor Room Ideas

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To impart a new look to your interiors at the onset of a different season; the best way is to change the decor. With the winter approaching, it is time to switch the ‘feel’ on your homes to welcome winter with your unique style. Winter is a season which tends to take away a lot of colors from nature. There is less of sunlight, more grey sky, fewer leaves on trees & even lesser flowers. Winter decor is all about adding warmth & colors to your decor so that your home can still be a spirit.

Tips to use Vintage Decor Items for Modern homes

Interior Highlighting East Punjabi Bagh ANSA Interiors

The vintage decor idea of reusing is to make sure a lighter on the planet with sustainable decorating. The Eco-friendly approach to recycling makes your home happier. The reuse furniture and accessories with today modern minimalist feature. The room while lending a chic rustic look and moderately scattered.

Small changes can make a big difference in your home decor

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Home design nothing constant but change is all around us. Change keeps us moving forward. A very small change in the interior design can change the entire looking feel of the room lived in. Change is essential for a fresh feel or to just add a new point of discussion. Basic items that are flexible and can be changed without a major cost are easy to work with and economical; are the best spice up points in the room. Add a wallpaper to one wall or just changing the paint on one wall can change the canvas of entire room. If you want a simpler task then painting just a niche in darker tone or just telling a wall in a paint is an easy option. A slight rearrangement in the existing furniture placement can get a fresh and new energetic look.

5 Tips For Stylish Minimalist Decor

Minimalist Interior Design

Create a clean space for Minimalist Decor

Clutter is one of the greatest sources of stress in a home space. Adopting a minimalist decor approach will not only bring order to your home, it will give it a streamlined and organized appeal. Though you may need to first go through your home to purge items that you don’t use or want anymore, the result is a stress-less home environment. “Conceal as much stuff as you can behind cabinets, or in a series of tasteful boxes or baskets,” Moreau suggests, “and anchor tabletop items on a tray to tidy it all together.”