Decor of the day: How To Identity Focal Point of a room

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Focal Point of a room are the principles of art that draw attention to a specific location in work. The same principle applies to interiors. Mostly art and interior have at least one focal point  and sometimes multiple. The idea of a focal point is to concentrate our attention like bull’s eye on the target. Though our vision is fairly wide at any given point in time, we can focus our vision on a small area. The emphasis or focal point usually accentuates concepts, themes or ideas that the artist or designer wants to express. A design without a focal point is mute with little or o variations. The idea behind emphasis is to create conceptual linkage between the whole designs and softly blend the whole design with the theme. The whole interior of the room becomes a composition and sings of harmony.

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The focal point of a room can either be an architectural feature or an artificially created feature. An artificially created can be a special picture, mirror, or dramatic piece of furniture whereas an architectural feature can be an arch, niche, bay or just the contour of the room. The focal point in a living area can be either a fireplace or anything that is large interesting or commanding. It can also be a large picture window that frames a view of the garden. A special piece of furniture can also act as a focal point. In home theaters or TV rooms, the plasma unit is essentially the focal points while in bedrooms; attention usually centers on the bed. To look bed more interesting, bed linens, curtains, light lamps, and accessories add more drama and interest to the room.

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Focal point in the Kitchen

The kitchen usually has limited space but the backslash can be clearly demarcated to be dressed up as a focal point of a room. Changes in tiles by using highlighters or having an SS backslash are a few ideas for inspiration. The overhead cabinet can host some collectibles to enhance the look or just incorporate a splash of colors in the overhead cabinet to act as a focal point. A pure white kitchen with a hint of red in overhead cabinets will get the desired awe effect.

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Focal point in the Bathroom

Bathrooms generally have a highlighter tile to highlight. The creative way to highlight would be to add niches and use a different set of tiles to emphasize its presence. The vanity mirror can also be design to serve as a focal point of a room.

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Focal point in the Dining Area

In the dining area, the focal point has to be the dining table. To keep dining table an impressive statement a pretty tablecloth, coordinating cloth napkins, fresh flowers, and matching plates and bowls and a dangler focusing light in the center of the table will create.

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Hallways or passage are generally the most boring area of the residence. An extreme end of the hallway just gets an urge to walk through a little sense of excitement. Focusing on the nameplate I the exteriors of the building is important to add an identity to the building. This can be achieve by strong light effects or a sharp color contrast.

While focal point of a room is the anchor, it is very important that the other things will built around this with color to make this feature complete and more interesting. Say if you are highlighting a TV unit, stick a wallpaper on the wall that blends with the unit. A painting on the wall facing the TV unit, just a flower vase, a table mat, a place mat all creates a spectacular view, it may be the only focal point you need. Enhance it by arranging the furniture so that it faces the windows, and be sure to either pull back the curtains or replace them with a more flattering set that blends into exteriors to complete the picture.

How to identify the Focal Point of a Room?

Enter the room as a stranger and see the first thing that catches your attention. Now frame the focal point and decorate making the focal area heavier and balanced. You can orient the furniture outside this focal point; add accessories like plants, carpet, and curtain or decoration pieces to individualize this feature. Painting one wall in a different color from the rest or applying wallpaper can help characterize the focal point. Lighting plays an important part to enhance your focal point. Use a picture light, track light, or wall washer fixture on a painting or wall display can add drama.

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