Interior Design Home Makeover Ideas

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The richness of the whole project defines by one thing – “ detailing”. The interiors have to be futuristic keeping into A/C the longevity & liveability of interior design. The element of continuity and harmony are a major focus. The priorities are the client’s dream and their brief. The whole house is a fusion of contemporary design with the colonial style.  The knowledge about physical properties than longevity of the materials being use is primarily important.

Master Bed Room :- The gold essence makes the whole room opulent and adds the required royal fume. Leaving everything simple & straight lined, highlight with gold, transformed into a different area instantly, the master bedroom was made with a golden tint with gold trimmings on the bed and plasma unit.

Daughter Room :- The daughter room made up in a gardenia theme with an emphasis on happy elements like flowers and butterfly. The daughter room though had the typical pink color but it just got the feminine touch so require.

The butterflies in flowers in a dreamland are a fantasy to any young girl. The curtains were made in different pieces of brown color joined together to make a fabric which added a very strong feminine touch to its soft curves & brown color shade. The curtain is the easiest accessory to change. It changes the entire look of the room. As the child grows, the room has to be flexible in design to adapt to changing needs of a child. The edges of bedside curve for the safety of the child to avoid accidental hurt.



The door’s frame is cover with a simple head design to cover the gap between door & wall keeping into A/C the differential expansion of walls & wood frame apart forms the utility the door head also give a broader look to the door enhancing its elegance. The key to low maintenance house is to give least possible places for dust to accommodate.

The skirting of the floor will flush to walls leaving no space for dust. Similarly, the use of extra cornice & embellishments was avoiding in the ceilings & doors to give a neater look & leaving no space for dust to accommodate.
The space in today’s houses is a limit, it is advisable to get the designing either sticking to the wall or digging inside in the form of niches. The interior design which needs from the wall is a better limit to large-scale projects.

Bathroom :- It will give gross importance and each bathroom is individually design to individual taste. The concept of the bathroom is in coherence with the complete house. The vanities are a piece of lust and add the extra pep required. Special effects use of niches, highlighter tiles, glass mosaic, CNC mirror, the state of art water gadgets will use to create a rejuvenating experience.