Five Trends In Luxury Bathroom

The Luxury bathroom of today are different in quality and style-ranging from the practical to luxurious. Every individual’s idea of luxury differs, as do the features they would like to include in their Luxury Bathroom.

1. Spa/ Jacuzzi :- In today’s fast-paced world, nothing is more inviting if we have a luxury bathroom amid Jacuzzi with underwater lighting and adjustable slide jets with an option of water, heated air or both, sauna, steam bath, whirlpool or a reading nook with bookshelves and two comfy chairs to unwind and get refresh. Luxury interiors certainly appeal everyone and sumptuousness and splendor always has its fan.

Luxury Bathroom Jacuzzi

2. Rain showers :- Several manufacturers now offer systems with ambient rain that provides water from the ceiling. Some shower systems offer a variety of color lighting options for different moods. Enjoy the intensity of red or use blue light to cool and relax. Look for waterfall effects with Rain forest shower heads. Different spray options, from regular shower heads to body sprays, bring the perfect showering experience. Look for built-in music options to enhance your spa experience. Select how hot you like your shower. Thermostatically controlled let you set the temperatures so every time you step into the shower, it will be the same temperature.

Luxury Bathroom Rain Showers

3. Heated Flooring :- Five-star luxury is all about how you feel – a warm inviting bathroom is a great place to start. Just a few techniques incorporated can get luxury at its best into your luxury bathroom. To start with stepping into a warm bathroom first thing in the morning is a great way to start your day. The warmth underfoot really makes a difference – especially if you have tile or stone flooring. Electric floor warming systems easily install in cement under ceramic tiles and stone floors by your local tile contractor.

4. Steam Shower :- A steam shower is recommend for luxury bathrooms to experience the indulgent warmth of steam. It is suggest that stem shower can help your body relax and purify itself in the rich moisture thereby relieving muscle tension & joint fatigue. Saunas have also long been seen as luxury bathroom items that can only be found in expensive fitness and health clubs but in recent years there has been a growing trend that has seen the numbers of such products increase in bathrooms all across the world. Ansa Interiors advice the use of sauna for its amazing benefits of relieving the pressure and strain from sore muscles and joints or cleansing the re-invigoration that they can offer your skin.

Steam Shower Luxury Bathroom

5. Defoggers :- The frustrating experience of stepping out of the shower only to find a steamed up mirror? But not in a bathroom designed with prior thought, the electric bathroom mirror defogger solves that problem and enhances the bath and shower experience.

The things mention above, Luxury Bathroom accessories are color coordinate with the rest of the bathroom like the soap trays, bathroom shelves, towel rails, toilet-paper holders, hooks and toothbrush holder. Walk in wardrobes adjacent to the bathroom are also a common feature. A lot of stress is also laid on the exhaust and fresh air fans. Current lifestyles often demand that bathrooms offer extra facilities beyond the purely functional; besides the mandatory. Things like closet storage, make-up table-cum-dresser, washing machine or even a little nook use as a dressing space are welcome.

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