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Lounge Area

The interior design decor could have easily passed off as any mediocre project but the client’s aspirations to become ‘ the talk of the town’ made it into a challenge. The residence had to create an identity in the fast-evolving city and yet create an identity that does not impose an alien language. The home just had to assert its own presence among-st the elite of the society. It is a known fact that all interior design work under pressure to prove their melted which increases with each project. For this specific simple residential project, the pressure was quadrupled looking at the client’s aspirations. Imagine as a harmonious blend of Indian and Middle Eastern styles, but with a completely modern approach. The interior designer home spelled of an understated luxury.

A four bedroom, drawing- dining, family lounge home is spread over 3500 sq. ft. On stepping into the home, a feeling of splendor overwhelms a visitor. The eye travels from some subdued focal points leading the visitor to yearn for more as he travels from one room to the other.

Lounge Area:- The warm wood interiors and a play of ambient and indirect light create a welcoming, relaxing interiors. Characterized by the wooden jaali cut work on the wall, a dash of CNC cut work on the plasma panel and a tan leather paneled wall, the lounge creates an authentic royal ambiance. The tanned beige furniture, the perlato beige flooring, and simple ceiling add to the richness of the space.

Lounge Area

Drawing, Dining, and Kitchen:- It will dominate by the magic of white.the stainless steel, CNC cutting partition which divides the formal drawing-room and dining area creates just the right amount of contradiction among the hazelnut glass paneled wall behind the sofa and the muted wallpaper on the dining wall. The touch of green adds to the freshness of the kitchen yet keeping the lines straight and simple.

Drawing room

Master Bedroom:- The touch of ethnic lines continue to peep in the form of glass backdrop in this bedroom. The large French window brings in natural light in this sophisticated decor.

Master BedroomGuest Room:- The guest bedroom speaks of elegance and subdued designing. The wallpaper silently envelops the wall and ceiling behind the bed back without making an over-rated statement. The painting on the wall adds the required touch of color along with the accessories.

Parents room:- The parents room has a sharp blend of middle east and contemporary. An ethnic carving on the backdrop with a subdued light effect adds the royalty to the room. The room is neutral in color and has a mixture of earthy colors from brown to beige and ivory to white. It has a monochrome theme and speaks of self-expression. The side lamps and paintings add the extra spice.

Interior Design

Kids Room:- The kid’s room dressed up in teal fresh green by white just the right amount of color to add the spice.

Mandir:- The Mandir design separated from the house is a serene place to meditate quietly. Though each of us has our own conception of deity based on our cultural routing. The design of Mandir is a focus to highlight god. The candles in the niches add movement to the otherwise quiet area while the bells add authenticity.

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The residence strikes a balance between ethnic and contemporary yet being functional. For professional interior designing in India, contact us at 98106-30334!