Interior Design Philosophy Of A Modern City Home

modern luxury bedroom design by top interior designers in delhi

The life gets busier year after year. The time spent at homes become more relaxing which cater to the need of stress if our entire day. Minimalist interior design with fewer maintenance needs, warm calming colors, natural textures, soft shapes, automation are thereby natural choices. To spend evenings and nights close to natural elements after the day spent in city’s plastic life is a bliss.  The home described here belongs to one such working family. The home has four bedrooms, a Drawing Room, Lounge, Mandir, kitchen and a utility.

An Interior Design Philosophy Of Each Area

modern luxury bedroom design by top interior designers in delhi

Drawing Room: A sense of being formal yet not separate from the home, this room is sunny and very customize. The touch of brass with leather on the wall, formal sofas, and a stylish bar offers a gamut of style.

Master Bed Room: The creator needs to relate to all things; that is to find quiet simplicity among st the noise was the thought behind this design. The white backdrop in leather with a turquoise light, a jute weaved bed, a dressing and plasma unit with no extra trimmings and a painting which depicts inner movement, completes the room.

Parents Room: To add some zing to the otherwise sterile environment with an unexpected touch, is the thought that was behind the designing of this room. The gold leafing cutouts in a regular wooden paneling behind the bed intrigue the senses in an otherwise simple room.

Kids Room: Playful utilitarian keeping flexibility for the changing needs was the idea behind creating a “safe” design for kids room. Today this room belongs to a three years old girl, tomorrow it may cater to one more child. Keeping that in mind, the design revolved around flexibility. A double bed, the cuddling teddy bear on a wall in the paint that will change anytime without much effort, the foam block on the wall that too will change with changing tastes of growing children. Keeping it uncluttered, yet playful, this bed is sunny, inviting and happy.

Kitchen: Simple, efficient and yet not boring. This kitchen has a dash of color to add interest while keeping the functionality intact. A gadgets or an equipment in kitchens with pull out drawers or electronic counters below sink with built in microwave.

Dining, Lounge and Mandir: The members of family spend the maximum time design to create a comfort zone to balance the mind & body. This area was designed to be able to meet the requirements from a three year old to the aging parents. A mandir has a trans-effect of person praying that will not hurt a kid and are at a comfortable height to sit for aging parents. The large dining to accommodate all the members of the house. A plasma TV for family to enjoy matches together and a neutral backdrop which bring focus on the activities in the room.The Jaali partitions between the entrance foyer with lobby area & drawing room, defines the whole area demarcating as per utilities.