Top 6 Characteristics Of A Neo-Classical Design

Neo-classical Design
If elegance and sophistication is your personal style, neo-classical design would be a great match for you. Neoclassical design is all about muted and modest luxury style. Unlike its close counterparts – Rococo style, neoclassic architecture shies away from conspicuous display of wealth.
Neo-classical design is very popular due to the timeless elegance it oozes out.
As top luxury interior designers in Delhi NCR, we’ve worked on several residential designs with the neoclassical architectural and design theme.
In this post, we list the most important features and characteristics of a neo-classical design.

Neo-classical Design1. Furniture

Believe it or not, neo-classical furniture is quite similar to modern furniture. There are no fancy carvings and decorations. Just symmetrical and geometrical shapes.

Neo-classical style emerged from the very popular Rococo style, so it’s easy to mix up both when designing homes. However, the biggest differentiator when it comes to furniture is the legs. Legs of rococo style furniture are often carved and have little ‘paws’ in the bottom whereas neoclassical furniture has straight or slightly legs.

The overall design of furniture lacks excessive ornaments and intricacies. It is simple yet symmetrical. Clean lines and geometric shapes work well for neoclassical furniture.

Dark wood furniture goes with the neo-classical design along with emphasis on ornaments and stones.

Marble floors and persian carpets are often found in neo-classical homes.

2. Decorations

Carefully picked decorations bring out the neo-classical look. For decorations, the following could be great additions for the neo-classical design.
  1. Jugs
  2. Urns
  3. Pottery
  4. Large Mirrors
  5. Artwork
  6. Flowers
  7. Decorative moldings

The neoclassical accessories often have solid colors and are usually embellished with white carvings, in repeating patterns.

  1. You can introduce such design elements in things like paintings, mirrors, lamps and pillows.

Remember, neo-classical design combines luxury, grandiosity with a relaxed and elegant atmosphere.

3. Design Characteristics

When you think of neo-classical design, think of massive buildings, clean and elegant lines, and uncluttered look.

For the facade design, strong columns and a simple look is considered. Repeating elements, especially the columns in the exterior facade is a characteristic of neo-classical design.

There’s no unnecessary ornamentation that would clutter the look. If you like simplicity & elegance, neoclassical interiors would be best for you.

4. Fabrics & Upholstery

Fabrics like linen, velvet, brocade, and damask silk go with this design. Go for muted hues like dusty pink, moss green, greyish blue and crisp whites. Remember, repeating patterns are the most important characteristic of neoclassical style.

5. Ideal Size & Architectural Elements

Neo-classical design is appropriate for properties that have at least 3-4 bedrooms and is double-storeyed. These properties often have side-gabled roofs and tall columns on the front.

A grand staircase in the entrance is another important characteristic of neo-classical design.

neoclassical living areaThe symmetry is crucial everywhere – same amount of windows – same size, style, and doors when you look at the exterior are the signs of a neoclassical architecture.

The property with such a design is characterized by high ceilings and large & spacious rooms.

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6. Building Materials For Neo-classical Design

The reason why neoclassical homes look luxurious despite the simplicity is the use of natural building materials like hardwood, stone and marble.

Neoclassical homes turn out to be best with light marble floors and medium-toned hardwood. Everything has to be shiny and polished. Yes, it takes an effort to maintain the grandeur of a neoclassical home.

neoclassical kitchen designFor the kitchen, white neutral accents work the best. It needs a light, airy and spacious appeal. Marble countertops can be an option but if you don’t want marble countertops, you can opt for a lookalike and add a nice contrast to the kitchen space with a darker color.

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Living room has to be the most spacious, and it’s good to use hardwood for this room to give it a cozy feel.

There you go! These are the top 6 characteristics and tips we had for you for the neo-classical design.

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