13 Unique Decorating Ideas for Kids Rooms

Decorating Ideas for Kids Rooms (1)

Bored of choosing blue or pink for boys & girls? You don’t have to be anymore. Here are some awesome decorating ideas for kids rooms that will add some sugar & spice to the kids room.

Decorating Ideas For Kids Rooms: Boys Room Decor

1. Get The Safari Look

Look for colorful animal wallpapers and fabrics. These are easily available on stores online.

Paint the walls in colors like ivory, tan or blue.

Go for animal print on valances and pillows.

Decorating Ideas for Kids Rooms - the safari look for boys room

2. Rustic Cabin

Kids love mountains and camping. If your kids associate his happy childhood memories with activities like hiking, fishing or just enjoys outdoors in general, rustic cabin theme would be great.

Elements like bears, fishes, moose and birdhouses can appear in fabrics, valances, bedding and even accessories.

You may also consider plaid prints or pine beds for a more rustic appeal.

rustic cabin themed kids bedroom

3. Rain Forest

For a rainforest themed kids room, colorful jungle border, or a jungle area rug could be a great try.

Colorful stuffed birds and butterfly cutouts can add to the decor.

Use animal-themed accessories for a complete rain forest look.

rainforest themed boys room

4. The Bug’s Life In A Kids Room

Kids love the creatures of nature. They often find them fascinating and would love a bug-themed room, as appalling as it may sound to you in the beginning.

You can go for bug bed linens or an animal-themed lamp (a frog lamp) or even a chair table set inspired from nature’s creatures.

Decorating Ideas for Kids Rooms

5. Playhouse / Play town

We would highly recommend this theme for young kids, especially if the room is going to be shared by siblings. There would be lots of playtime opportunities in the room itself, and would keep the kids very occupied.

Add in some elements that can actually make it possible rather than focusing on the usual walls, bed linens and basic furniture. playroom themed bedroom for boys

Decorating Ideas For Kids Rooms: Girls Room Decor

Decorating Ideas for Kids Rooms (6)

1. Ocean

Who doesn’t wish to live near the beach? If your little one also loves the ocean theme, add some watery blues to the walls and go for a sky blue ceiling. Make sure there’s color on the floor too.

ocean themed bedroom for girls

2. Stars

Stars work magically to please the kids and are perfect for kids room. It’s also easy to setup for there are several fabrics, bedding, and wallpapers options you can find with this theme.

The theme is rather unisex, equally appealing to both boys and girls. Just the shades will differ a bit. For example, for girls room, you would use bright or pastel shades whereas for boys room, we’ll suggest you to go with a bit darker shades.

stars themed bedroom for girls

3. Angels, Fairies, & Elves Theme

Opt for the universal theme that’s bound to be loved by girls of any age. For angel theme, you could go for faux painted clouds & skies. You can go for fairy shapes on painted instead of the clouds and skies. Don’t forget the sparkling wands, magic dust and transparent wings.

Canopy beds and accents of soft shades of pink, blue and lavendar would work great.

To add some sparkles, you can go for glitter accents or silver paint.

fantasy themed bedroom for girls

4. Flaunt The Flowers

Florals work great for girls rooms. Colors like watermelon pink, sunny yellow, lime green and bold orange are great for this design.

To decorate such a room, look for simple fabrics that feature flower shapes and match those with plain fabrics to balance the look. Go for plain fabrics to design window seat pillows, valances and ruffles.

Floral bedroom decorating ideas for kids rooms

5. Stick With The Sunshine

A room with a view of sunrise inside. Ins’t that awesome? To opt for such a style, go with yellow bedding & quilts. To balance the natural sunshine design, add some green rugs and keep the ceiling sky blue as if it’s really the sky.

Such a summery look would surely please a young kid.

sunshine themed bedroom for kids

6. Butterflies Are Big For Girls

Girls love the fluttering stuff- butterflies, dragonflies. If your little one loves this too, you can add a mural of garden full of butterflies. Or you can go for fabrics with butterfly print on them for bedding and comforter.

Small painted butterfly designs would look good on picture frames, closet and chair backs.

butterfly themed bedroom for kids

Unisex Decor Ideas

1. Cottage Style

Cottage style could be a great theme if you’re on a tight budget and you’re planning to reuse your furniture. You need to bring lots of whites and paint in such a style. Use light colors like sky blue, pink, pale green or off white and set them off against the brighter colors like marine blue.

cottage style kids bedroom idea

2. Cats, & Dogs

Animal themed rooms are much-loved by both boys and girls. Just a few careful choices with colors and you’ll have a room ready for both girl and boy. animal themed bedroom

Those are some of our best kept decorating ideas for kids rooms. They really work well. If you need proof, check our portfolio.

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