How To Set Up Home Office?

How to set up Office at home (8)

Home office could be any working woman’s dream come true. The juggling of production office and everyday household chores sometimes threatens to maintain one’s own serenity.

An office at home makes a life a little easier and sets a balance between personal and occupational needs. The office at home has to be compatible with your professional needs and I would strongly recommend a separate room.

Be it your basement, store, garage or just an extra bedroom. Getting office into your personal areas will all mess up the management of work.

In this post, we’re sharing some home office design ideas to help you set up your home office!

How to set up Office at home?

Home Office Interior With Boss Chair

It is a great feeling to finish the office work in the office and go to your home for relaxation. An office set-up in your bedroom or living area would keep walking your office frame of mind and will allow you to chill.

However limited the space, your thought and detailing of design will determine the output of your office space.

It is also recommended if you could separate your household even with one door.

home office design ideas with boss chair

Start by jotting down your list- an office desk, a door, a chair, a computer with internet connection, a printer, a phone line, visitor chairs, in case you have visitors are just the basics to every office.

Detail it out by adding the storage requirement for files – stationery, a chest of drawers, a UPS, an inverter or generator, lighting requirements, air conditioning and any other equipment like fax or note counting machine required.

full home office design with work table, bookshelf and visitor chairs

The more the detailing, the better equipped you are to create a workable office. Your main furniture should be ergonomically sound as it will affect your posture and thereby your health. In case you have employees also, it is important to have a washroom designated for them. It is not good for unknown people to tread through your residence area to use a washroom.

How to set up Office at home (7)

A dedicated phone line is a must. You would not like your kids picking up parallel phones and playing pranks while you are talking to your clients.

Home office ideally should have a separate tea/coffee machine and water dispenser so that you do not disturb your kitchen all the time.

Select a space that is neither too hot nor too cold or too noisy or too secluded. A home office either with separate entrance or a room just at the entrance is prefer so that your home is separated from visitors of the office.

Home office with modern look

Make a layout of your home office room with actual dimensions depicting the size of tables and chairs and side credenza required. Place your copier or printer and now consider circulation space. Add book storage, if required. Take precautions not to over clutter your room else it will become very depressive.

How to set up Office at home?

Lighting plays the very crucial role to make your work space attractive and liveable. Apart from general lighting task lighting around your desk area is essential to avoid eye strain.

Dark corners are a definite no in any office.

Plan your electrical carefully and then add 10% more sockets to your present requirements for future use.

Calculate sockets for PC, printer, phone, camera, LCD, projector, copier, mobile charger and all extra gadgets.

formal home office with glass table

Keep an extension cord for emergency situations. Organize your cables so that they are hide in the walls or behind the paneling to keep up your office aesthetically well dressed.

Apart from being functional, your office has to style your command. Your office has to reflect the profession you are in.

A straight line paneling is great for advocates but light-hearted posters or funky pin boards are for graphic designers.

home office with modern interiors

A little bit of greenery with indoor plants is not just an eye stone but also reduces stress level and increases productivity. Leave a little wall for future requirements as you may just bored and want to add something.

We hope all these tips to set up your home office will help you out! Don’t forget to share these with your friends!