Design Ideas: Kitchen Interior Design With Integrated Refrigerator

Integrated Fridge Design

In this post, find out our top picks for kitchen interior design with integrated refrigerator and lots of kitchen design tips. Ready?

1.Put Functions Above Style

When it comes to kitchen interior design, never compromise on the functions. Functional kitchen is much more important, and thus, as top interior designers in Delhi, our first preference while designing a kitchen is the functionalities. Automation is another very important feature you can introduce in modern kitchens, making it a truly luxurious space to practice your culinary skills.

What we love about design is how easy it can be to hide the much required functionality behind closed door, literally. For example, in the design below, the Integrated Refrigerator is camouflaged in the cabinetry to give a neat look to the whole kitchen.

That’s the point we’re trying to make here. Even when you’re putting functions above style, there are some clever things you can do to make your kitchen interiors truly inspirational.

kitchen interior design with hidden integrated refrigerator

Include A Lot Of Storage

Even if it’s a small kitchen, you must focus on including a lot of storage spaces in a kitchen. In fact, you must use every nook and corner available in the kitchen space for storage.

But don’t dull your mood over a smaller kitchen space. There are several tips that you can use to make your small kitchen look exceptionally well.

For example, the absence of a stand alone refrigerator makes this kitchen feel larger and brighter. The heterogeneity of black and wood becomes the limelight of the design.

Several such design elements can be introduced to small kitchens to make them appear spacious.

small kitchen interior design with Integrated Fridge

3. Don’t Reuse Old Appliances

It’s very common for homeowners to ask if their old home appliances can be used, during the renovation of their home. We understand your appliances are fairly new and of great quality however, 9 times out of 10, old appliances will stick out like a sore thumb in an otherwise new look.

When it comes to decor, interior designers have to work on creating a unique style for each space and starting with a clean slate is much better ground to work on.

For example, the look in this kitchen is industrial modern blend, and takes courage to explore and create an independent style of decor. Black in all cases hides any extra lines.

Integrated Fridge 2

4. Mind The Light

Unlike other rooms in the house, overhead lighting is just not enough for kitchen. You need more lights and you need natural lighting as well. Plan your space in a way that the kitchen gets maximum extra light from windows and likewise.

Lighting inside the kitchen should also be carefully planned for a brighter space.

Another way to brighten up your kitchen space is to use neutral tones.

For example, this Kitchen Style in neutral tone styled with a difference with pep up yellow light is minimalist elegant and perfect for great lighting.

Neutral kitchen design with Fridge Integrated

5. Add A Touch Of Nature

Be it with a beautiful natural background visible through the windows or the natural surroundings of the kitchen, a touch of green and nature brings in the vibe of an exceptionally well designed kitchen.

For example, in this design, the natural surrounding into the kitchen with lateral thinking is stunning but has sanitizing effect.

Fridges Integrated

There you go! These are our 5 kitchen interior design with integrated refrigerator ideas combined with 5 tips that can make a brilliant kitchen design.

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