Top 5 Luxury Interior Design Characteristics

‘Luxury’ is a word that’s hard to define. What makes an interior a luxury interior design?
Despite the hard to comprehend nature of the interior design stream, there are a few common elements shared by luxurious spaces. Even though the easiest way to describe it is to say that you’ll know it when you see it but here’s out attempt to describe it.

What is Luxury Interior Design?

luxury interior design1. Comfort & Elegance

The first most important characteristic that a luxurious space exuberates is the comfort. But not the usual lazy version. Think of a plush duvet set, or a bathroom with amenities for a relaxed bath. Soft rugs, splendid curtains and custom-made upholstery.
Luxury interiors combine style and comfort with utility.
For example, when Ansa Interiors works on a luxury residential design project, we like to emphasize on automation. Think of automated curtains, and an automated HVAC system. Basically, a luxury home of the 2019 is a smart home with added comfort & style.

2. Personal Touch

It’s important to accommodate the owner’s personal style in luxury interiors. It’s one of the most significant characteristic of luxury interior design.

For example, we recently finished a showroom design for a client who’s selling handicrafts. To incorporate her personal style in the design, the whole store was made from handmade products and we even put a Bajaj scooter recycled and incorporated in the design. It gave such a unique touch to the store & store customers just fell in love with the design.

3. A Great Attention To The Details

Luxury homes and commercial spaces involve a great deal of paying attention to the details. And anyway, the little things really count, especially in residential spaces like kitchen & bathroom. The detail in the fixtures and tile designs can lift up the appeal of any space.

The accents are also carefully chosen and planned. It’s always a great idea to add pieces of furniture with unique accents. For example, a chair with an unusual carving on the back or an unusually shaped closet. Such things have a unique presence in the luxurious spaces.

4. Sustainable Materials

Gone are the days when nobody cared about their carbon footprint and didn’t flinch a bit before harming living beings for a design high. Today’s housing materials are environment-friendly. Sustainable wood, eco-friendly and cruelty-free upholstery and VOC-free paints are characteristic to luxury interiors. We, at Ansa Interiors, also try to use vegan products as much as possible.

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5. Technology

Technology plays a major role in building up the comfort level of a property. But there are troubles with more technology. All those wires and cords can look outright ugly. It’s upto the luxury interior designers to work hard to disguise these eye sores. Maybe, a charging socket inside a drawer or a television inside a cabinet, it’s upto the designer’s imagination to work this out.

Most of the technology, thus, is hidden nicely to achieve a truly luxurious atmosphere. There are many ways of blending in the technological requirements with designs.

All in all, these are the five most important characteristics of luxury interior design.

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