5 Creative Ideas For Dining Room

contemporary dining room interior design in delhi

Dining room is that sacred space in a home where families sit and eat together, and make beautiful memories. Such a special place deserves special treatment, which is where dining room interior design comes into play. Following are some tips which should be borne in mind while doing a dining room. Let’s get started!

luxury dining room interior design in delhi attached with drawing room1. Let there be light

First things first, lighting has a key role to play in deciding the ambience of your dining room. For a cozy and intimate family feel, go for soft and subtle light fixtures.

For times when you have your guests over, a much brighter lighting would work best.

In a nutshell, your lighting options should be flexible so as to cater to every mood and time.

Another factor to be taken care of is the shape of the light sources- go for something which gels well with the shape of the dining table. You can also incorporate candles and floor lamps for a luxurious feel. Small ceiling lamps or a chandelier (for larger dining rooms) are another must-have. If your dining room has windows, there is nothing like it- natural light all through the day!

  • 2. Choose the right furniture

Another cog in the wheel of getting the dining room right is the choice of furniture. Interior designers in Delhi NCR recommend wooden dining tables and chairs. They have a timeless appeal and also add to the warmth factor of a dining room.

With regards to size of the furniture, make sure you pick something in accordance with the shape and size of the space.

For smaller areas, round dining tables are just perfect. For larger spaces, rectangular tables with plush chairs are your best bet. Also ensure that your furniture allows enough room for you to be able to move the chairs freely or walk around.

contemporary dining room interior design in delhi3. Dining room linen

Any well planned dining room will have linen in coordinated colours (more specifically the neutral ones such as whites and grays) – napkins, table mats, table cloths, and the like. Having linen in same colours gives a very formal yet sophisticated look.

If you are someone who loves creativity, you can experiment by having an accessory in a colour different from the linen. This will add that x-factor to the space.

Dining room interior designing can be taken a notch higher by adding layers and textures to the linen. Patterns such as checks, stripes, or abstract art forms work really well.

4. Walls that speak

Dining room interior design is just a few words strung together unless we pay attention to the walls. The way you do your walls will strongly impact the personality of your dining room.

Add metallic or mirror work pieces to the walls. Family pictures or travel photos are another key element here. You can also go for wallpapers – these could be textures and patterns, or certain design objects such as flowers.

The sophisticated dining act ishrana.5. A bit of this and that

No dining room can be complete without some accessories to spruce up the space. Add a rug in a rich texture and colour to begin with. Having a huge flower vase in one corner will make the space very elegant. It is also known to boost appetites psychologically. For the dining table accessories, limit yourself to one or two pieces, but not more than that. The last thing you want is a cluttered dining table. Add rich curtains in fabrics such as silk or velvet for that rustic timeless feel.

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