8 Luxury House Must-Haves Luxury Interior Designers in Delhi Recommend

Luxury Interior designers in Delhi

Luxury homes are not as easy to design as they might seem. There are multiple ways that you can use elements of interior design to create the best luxury interior residence. The luxury interior designers in Delhi recommend having a walk-in closet, a swimming pool, an in-house theatre, and many other amenities. Mentioned below are ten must-haves in every luxury house. 

1. Open Floor Plans

Having large rooms is one of the key characteristics of any luxury home. Most designers choose to have an open floor plan for easy movement and convenience. Having abundant space will ensure maximum space. Vast and large rooms give plenty of space to the designer and the inhabitants to design a house. 

A grand entryway with large staircases will add more value to any luxury home. Luxury Interior designers in Delhi recommend the presence of open floors and many vacant areas as a must-have. By giving away the interior walls, there will be more space for sunlight to come in, making the house more vibrant. A designer can create the best luxury residence by checking out various residential interior designs. 

 2. Latest Technologies

A luxury home is created with a combination of design and function. Your residence must be equipped with the best technologies. Luxury interior designers in Delhi use intelligent devices to make luxury homes better. Make use of any service with the click of a button.

  • Luxury Interior designers in Delhi are now Installing touch panels in bathrooms to customize water temperature, lighting, or music.
  • A luxury home should have a modular kitchen with the latest appliances. Smart ovens, the best refrigerators, etc., will make the kitchen stylish and more functional. 
  • Smart Lighting is a must-have in any luxury residence. Using a simple application, you can turn off or on the light. Multiple sensors can be added to make the lights better and more functional. As the leading interior designers in Srinagar, we always try to incorporate the latest technologies. 

3. Spa Bathrooms

There can be nothing more relaxing than a spa bathroom. You no longer need to go to a sauna to relax. Your bathroom can become your number one cozy spot in the house. It is now possible for you to have a spa and sauna-like experience from your toilet, with a large jacuzzi and a steam shower chamber. 

Technology has now made it possible for you to have your dream bathroom. Top interior designers in Delhi choose the technologies that work the best for you and elevate your luxury residence further. It offers more comfort and functionality, so you don’t have to find alternatives. Towel healing equipment can be installed along with lights and spray jets in the jacuzzi. All this can be regulated with the click of a button, making it more accessible. 

4. Walk-in Closets

You can never go wrong with a walk-in closet. This is one of the most prominent features in all luxury residences. A dressing room alongside the bathroom makes the space look more elegant and functional. It gives more space for movement in the Bathroom and the Bedroom. You can have all the required clothes and accessories in the walk-in Closet. 

The luxury interior designers in Delhi choose different sizes of walk-in closets to make the residence better. Depending on your requirements, the size can differ, but generally, a luxury residence is incomplete without a walk-in closet. You can also undertake home decor courses online to understand the best way of designing a walk-in closet. 

Luxury interior designers in Delhi

5. Lavish Amenities

A luxury residence has multiple rooms for the convenience of the family. Along with bedrooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens, A luxury residence also has the presence of numerous lavish amenities. The luxury interior designers in Delhi recommend that you go with as many luxury spaces/rooms as possible. 

  • Some of the most commonly designed luxury spaces are In-house theatres or gyms. Instead of a gym, the top interior designers in Delhi plan an exercise room that can be used for all family members.
  • Most luxury homes also have a Home Bar for the family’s convenience. Choosing to have a wine cellar will elevate the party space more. 
  • If you love sports, you can choose to have a Tennis court, a Basketball court, or just a Bowling alley, depending on the amount of space present and the family’s likes. 
  • Indoor pools are also now a must-have in any luxury residence. They give you the comfort of relaxing without going out to an outdoor pool.  

6. Personalized Home Decor

Delhi’s top interior designers are keen on adding home decor to the client’s liking. It is a must-have in any luxury residence that there are paintings and art pieces that align with the house’s interior style. Crown mouldings, Art pieces, and archways are some of the most commonly used Home decor ideas for the importance Of an Interior Designer For Your Home luxury residence. 

Lavish accessories with the trendiest designs make the house feel more modern and updated. Interiors inspired by some of the best international designers will provide more options for you. Having some art nooks, with paintings from some of the best painters and sculptors, will make your luxury house better and more classy. 

7. Security System

Having a luxury home makes it necessary to have a great security system. Using smart devices will help ensure a better security system. Owning a luxury house makes you more prone to unwanted attention; in such a case, Artificial Intelligence has made it easier to secure homes and access security settings. To wave away the chances of burglaries and lead a relaxed life, you must consider a Smart Security system as a must-have in any luxury residence.

  • A modern Luxury home must have security system alerts available on smartphones to get real-time updates on what is happening while at the same time getting an option to regulate the settings from wherever you are. 
  • Use internet-connected security cameras to see what is happening online in your house.  
  • The doors and windows can be secure by installing motion sensors and face-recognition features. 

Luxury interior designers in Delhi

8. Sustainable Decor

Eco-friendly luxury homes are slowly gaining momentum. A lot of work goes into designing a luxury home. Top interior designers in Delhi have included various products to make the house more sustainable. 

  • By using energy-saving appliances, the luxury house can be made more sustainable. Solar panels can be very effective in doing so. Using low-energy-consuming devices will also add more value to the luxury home. Keep in mind the energy star ratings when installing any appliance in a luxury home. 
  • Greenery also plays a vital role in making a house sustainable. Plants make the place more lively and are also very efficient in maintaining the right atmosphere in the home. 
  • Sustainable materials like responsibly sourced stones and wooden panels will improve the house. You can bring durability to the design using reclaimed wood, glass tiles, etc. 
  • Locally-sourced materials can also help bring sustainability to the design. 

The top interior designers in Delhi recommend the above-mentioned aspects as some of the most essential must-haves in any luxury residence. By following the above-mentioned tips and hiring an interior designer, you can create a luxury home for yourself.