7 Showroom Interior Design Tips You Must Know

Aqualite shoes corporate showroom at Paschim Vihar

The first few moments spent by a customer at your showroom can make the final difference between a sale and the customer walking out without spending a single penny.

Which is why it is imperative for you to pay utmost attention to the showroom interior design. We have some tips and ideas for you which will help in achieving the most efficient store design whilst retaining the aesthetic look and appeal. Read on to know more:

  • 1. ‘Open’ is the way to go!

showroom designWhen it comes to showroom interior design, an ‘open’ concept is the in thing today. Open concept showrooms look more spacious and are easier to navigate.

You can achieve this by making use of mirrors. Place the mirrors at appropriate angles to reflect the showroom environment properly.

Another way to design your showroom using an open concept is the use of right displays. Bulky shelves are a strict no. Rather, go for unique display styles such as tiers or layered hangings to optimise the space. In a nutshell, the ideal showroom should be open and inviting to the customer.

  • 2. Light it up!

Lighting has a major role to play when we talk of showrooms. The way you create accents and highlights will determine the overall visual appeal. Go for unique patterns that reflect light.

You can also create focal points (spotlights) for products you want to emphasize on. This will help draw the customer’s attention to things that matter most.

Balance the bright hues with the lighter ones to create a uniform look. Appropriate lighting is one of the key showroom interior design tips you must know.

  • 3. ‘Walk’ is the real talk!

The way a customer walks through your store matters a lot. Therefore, it is important to focus on showroom layouts during the design phase. The placement of displays and products is the key decision to make here.

There should be enough space for customers to walk through the store, while also ensuring that every product on display is easily visible to them.

The layouts will solve two purposes for you. One, they will help you regulate the showroom traffic by ensuring it does not get overcrowded at any time. Secondly, they will maximize product exposure which will eventually translate into more sales. A win-win situation we say!

  • 4. Accents help!

showroom interior design

Another one among the key showroom interior design tips you must know is the use of accents on walls. Accents serve as a great way to immediately grab attention.

You can create an accent on a wall by using a unique display, lighting, art, or fabric on one side of the showroom.

You can opt for bright colours or highlights which stand out. Balance this out with neutral or more subtle hues on the other walls of the showroom and you have the perfect ambience for your customers to walk in and grab stuff.

  • 5. Tunes to tune in!

mens wear showroom interior designAn intangible but nevertheless important factor in showroom interior design is the use of background music. Psychological studies have shown that there exists a positive relationship between showroom music and shopping patterns of customers.

Test some tunes and see what music works best for the products your showroom is going to sell. Getting the tuning right is as good as convincing the customer already to make a purchase before you even start talking.

  • 6. Let your ‘brand’ shine!

Branding is another important facet to be considered in showroom interior design. The brand logo should be placed such that it is well-illuminated and easily visible to the customer. Customers always have this knack of remembering visual and graphic elements which is why the placement of the logo can have a huge impact. Try and design the showroom elements based on the logo and you will have a comprehensive overall look.

  • 7. Highlight the promotions!

Showcasing all major promotions is another area of prime importance in showroom interior design. Every offer that a customer can avail needs to be highlighted. The idea is to let the focus be on what you are selling. Incorporating adequate digital and paper promotion signages in your showroom design will directly impact the store footfall. Promote what you are selling is our recommendation!

Few other small yet significant showroom interior design tips you must know are: modern art is a refreshing element in showroom design; less is more- keep it decluttered but occupied at the same time; focus on the end-customer’s behavior and psychology at all times and come up with a design that best simulates what your products stand for!

We hope you find these showroom interior design tips helpful. In case, you’re looking for professional showroom interior designers, get in touch with us at 9810630334!