10 Most Common Interior Designing Mistakes You Must Avoid

common interior designing mistakes to avoid

Interior designing can get complicated, with all the elements like lighting, correct architecture, spacing, furnishing etc involved. It’s inevitable for some mistakes to creep in, if you’re not well experienced with interior designing.

Here are some common interior designing mistakes that you must avoid!

1. Not everybody is a doctor

I had dreamed of my house for years, I could actually smell the aroma, feel the curtains and the cold flooring beneath my feet but when I started actually making the house, the ground reality was different. Too many contractors to coordinate and too much of material available in market to choose from. From flooring to ceiling, electrical, plumbing, furniture, furnishings, highlighting, paint, accessories and many more. The list is exhausting.

The first common mistake a lot of people make is by doing it themselves without any interior designing experience. It is always good to hire professional interior designers and have them help you than making mistakes which will take a cost to rectify.

common interior designing mistakes

2. Over-enthusiasm creates a clutter

When you browse or shop around, you will like a lot of things and not every thing can be fitted into your residence. The common mistake is to overdo and make the house cramped. The whole beauty gets bogged down by too many focal points making less appealing and less functional spaces.

3. Interior Designing : The Right Lighting

Light plays a crucial role in our ability to perceive the world around us. The lighting system is critical in how we perceive a space and can even influence how we feel & act in that space.

The first step in creating the right lighting design is to ask what the space is going to be used for.

The effect of lighting in a space can make or break any design.

While bedrooms and living area must have mood lighting and a drama of dark and light. The pathways and study need greater illumine. Lighting hugely impacts the emotion of the room. Good lighting can enhance the beauty of a space while the bad lighting can make it look gloomy. It is always good to have a source of natural light as much as possible.

common interior designing mistakes

4. Most Common Interior Designing Mistakes: Lack the intended focal point

Every design needs a focal point with some visual interest. The focal point is usually a point where the eye flow strikes. This leads the eye flow and then directs the eye to move around.

A good interior designer introduces a strong focal point which gently flows to the rest of the room. Generally, people tend to create a clutter, or add too many focal points leaving the flow of eye distracted.

common interior design mistakes to avoid

5. Forget To Get The Outside Inside

It is always good to get the outside in and get the extended view of the rooms. However good your music system and AC be, it still cannot come close to the renunciation of a morning cup of tea with sounds of bird chirping, silence of wind blowing and the smell of freshness. It is equally important to design your balconies or gardens for a great residential interior design.

Common mistakes in interior designing (66)

6. We tend to forget nature

One of the largest threats facing the Earth today is mass consumerism. The more we by, the more natural resources are used and the more toxins are emitted during manufacturing. However, small changes can make a big difference.

From organic paint to organic mattress, organic bedding and organic non-toxic cleaners; the options available in the market are unlimited. Incorporating solar water heaters, rain water harvesting, double glazed windows to reduce the running of AC. are a few steps one can incorporate while construction.

Common mistakes in interior designing

7. Getting Carried away by fads

Designs keep going and coming. Purple may be in today and green tomorrow but you can’t keep painting your house over and over. If you want a clean fresher look then remember the importance of KISS – ‘Keep it Simple, Silly’, so seemingly easy yet so difficult to do.

8. Safety First

An important yet so missed point in luxury interior designing! Some safety basics have to be followed while designing your residential or commercial places. Install fire extinguishers even in residences. Sharp edges in furniture, too slippery floors, unstable designs with the danger of falling with a slightest pull are an absolute no.The design have to be safe for the inhabitants be it kids or elderly.

9. Lack of updating

There are a lot of new products available in the market like home automation, central music system, security system. It is good to join these products at the time of construction than running loose wires after the interiors is completed.

10. The power of budgeting

Make a budget and stick to it start from day one. Buy thinking of your affordability today. It is not necessary to go overboard while making your purchases. Luxury designs don’t always have to be expensive. Careful budgeting and planning can give you an equally gorgeous luxury design without wasting your money.

The best way to avoid all the interior designing mistakes is to hire the experts! Professional interior designers, like Ansa Interiors, have worked for decades to create homes with utmost perfection. We have learned and we practice our craft on a daily basis. It’s hard to make mistakes with such kind of experience. Get in touch with us if you’re ready to hire luxury designers who make no mistakes!