7 Summer Interior Design Tips To Beat The Heat

Summer Interior

Sick of the scorching summer heat? It gets worse when your electricity bills shoot up and still, you don’t feel comfortable enough inside your home. Worry no more!

Here are some summer interior design tips to help you beat the heat!


First and foremost, remove all the unnecessary items from your house. Spring decluttering is a trend for it’s the most sensible thing to do to prep for summer. But if you haven’t done that yet, do it now.

Remove the furniture that’s cluttering your house. Decor pieces that no longer look good and are in sync with your personal style also need to go. You should also consider better organizing while you’re at it.

2. Introduce Natural Lighting

neoclassical living area with natural lighting for summer interior designWhen it’s burning outside, we tend to hole ourselves up in the darkest corners of our house. It’s a mistake for sunlight deprivation is the leading cause of weather-related depression.

You need the natural light. Early morning and evenings just before the sunset are good times to let the natural light nourish your soul.

A brighter home is a happier home.

If you don’t already have enough natural lighting in your summer interior design, you can consider renovation of your home. Call us for professional help!

3. Add Living Greens & Flowers To Your Decor

One of the best things about summer interior design is the opportunity to bring the brightness and cheeriness of the flowers and plants.

Add green potted plants inside your house. They’re not only visually attractive but can also act as air purifiers. Decorating the vases inside your house with fresh flowers can make your home smell amazing and help you feel better.

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4. Add rugs – a lot of them

Did you know that rugs absorb the heat? When we’re talking about summer decor, we need to think of things that can beat the heat. For example, heavy curtains can block the harsh sunlight during peak hours. Similarly, rugs can bring down the temperature of the room by at least a degree.

It means your air conditioner wouldn’t have to work as hard and it will give you a small break on the bill.

5. Add in summer scents

One of our favorite additions to any home are good scents. Diffusers with summer scented oils are a great idea to create a relaxing and cool summer atmosphere inside your house.

Some of the diffuser oils with fresh summery scents are lavender, rose, citrus and Jasmine.

6. Switch up the colours

As you may have noticed already, we tried to give you the simplest tips first. All the above-mentioned tips don’t required much investment of time and money however, if you’re really serious about summer interior design, try to switch to lighter colours inside your house.

Cool light colors on the walls of your house can brighten up the interiors and also help you feel better.

7. Summer-ize your furnishings

Say bye-bye to your leather sofa! For summer, you need to switch to lighter fabrics and designs. Go for floral prints for your sofa. In fact, we highly recommend you to try at least one sofa with such a print. It could be the centre piece of your home decor and can make a real statement.

Easier fixes could be switching the bedsheets and curtains to floral printed styles.

There you go! These are the tips we wanted to share with you for summer interior design. Keep following us for more tips.