What Is The Latest Trend In Garden Decor

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Looking for latest trends in garden decor and landscaping in India? If yes, here’s a Q&A that can help!

1. How has the concept of garden decor revived over the years?

From large space lawns and big trees, the concept of the garden decor has changed to balcony gardens, terrace garden, gardens in front-back yards. With reducing space the area is limited and has to be thought of properly.

2. What is the latest trend in gardening?

Garden furniture:- The garden furniture has evolved from stone benches to wicker craft furniture. There is a range of furniture available in the market to suit all sizes of garden sixes. The range varies from wrought iron benches, stone carved furniture, cane furniture, hammocks, wicker craft, terracotta tables, plastic furniture, and poly stone mountable furniture which can just take any shape to your imagination.

3. Why has the concept of terrace garden come up and why do people prefer it these days?

With land cost rising sky-high and buying capacity reducing, the idea of the garden has changed from big lawns to terrace-balcony gardens. Dr. B. N. Vishwanath, a pioneer in promoting urban agriculture in India, said with the pressure on farmlands and its rising cost in the urbanization process, there is hardly any space to have a garden decor. This is where terraces come into the picture, he says.

4. Do you think that a lawn is a very integral of a garden design?

According to Wikipedia, a lawn is an area of aesthetic and recreational land plant with grasses or other durable plants. The lawn is a very part of the garden as this the place to sit n relax, play n read books. The lawn gives you space to sit in the outdoor and rejoice environment.

5. Why do actually people prefer lawn in their garden?

The lawn is an important aspect of the interaction between the natural environment and the constructed urban space.

6. Which are the grasses that are use in lawn? Which ones are more popular and why?

While designing on the type of lawn you want to keep up, among the first things that should be considered is the type of grass that you would like to use. However, apart from the overall appearance of a grass, there are a number of other factors that you need to keep in mind while deciding about the one to be planted in your lawn. These include the type of climate in your region, the nature of the soil in your lawn, the amount of traffic the lawn is likely to receive, amount of rainfall and sunlight that it will get, and so on. Some of the grasses commonly used in India are Bermuda grass, summer grass, swollen finger grass, Daabh, yellow water crown grass, dwarf canary grass.

8. What are the new garden watering techniques?

Vegetable plants and annual flowers do best when given adequate moisture . Most of these plants need about one inch of water every week to 10 days to make sure good food and flower production. You can water your vegetable garden several different ways. Basic watering techniques for vegetable gardens include creating simple furrows and basins. Watering systems involve sprinklers, regular hoses, or soaker hoses. The most complicated way to water plants is to install a drip system.

9. How expensive is it to get a beautiful garden decor? How much are the people ready to pay?

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The budget for a garden decor can range from a minimal to sky-high. It depends on the knowledge a person has and his own green fingers. Before spending on expensive saplings and bulbs, proper research on the type of plants and the garden must be done. Many times due to wrong choice, the plants fail to grow or wither away. There is no limit to what people are ready to pay where a decent balcony garden, which will include the pots, plants, fertilizer and a little decoration.

10. Which are the most expensive plants and which are the popular flowers that are use these days?

The popular flowers which are use by Indian are Roses, Jasmines, Beams, Lily, Calliandra, Cactus, Moonlight and Yellow Tacoma, These flowers are use for vase decoration and for preparation of bouquets. Expensive plant range from cinnamon to kesar. The dwarf trees or bonsai are equally expensive.

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11. During monsoon, the plants need special care and attention. How to keep up them in monsoon and all year round?

Some things to be taken care of include being careful to check your drainage system in the compound and garden. Water shouldn’t be allow to stagnate in the garden as it can make plants rot easily. Insects breed during monsoon. So using insecticide at this time is a good idea. Frogs and toads are a gardener’s best friends. They are voracious insect eaters. Encourage them with moving water or with a small stream or pond. Earthworms are a gardener’s friend. They not only aerate the soil by tunneling down about five feet, they also fertilize it

12. What are the new techniques in garden landscaping and what is the latest trend in landscaping?

Using basics of seasonal-annual plants, adding grasses and some herbal plants, accentuated with elements like waterfall, terracotta or stone planters, pebbles to add drama will give you the feel so required. A coffee table, bar, fireplace, hammock, tennis ground are an addition to your luxury. Add outdoor lighting in form of lamp posts or up lighters not only make it usable in the night but also add to the security of the house.

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