Design Philosophy For Office Interior Design For Graphic Designers

waiting area of a graphic designer office

This is the Design Diva office interior design created by Ansa Interiors. This post explains the design philosophy for this project for office interior design for graphic designers and office interior design tips.

The office featured here belongs to a talented graphic designer.

When it comes to designing for creative people, there are no set rules.

We started the project by understanding how the creative minds work. The graphic designer, known for his work had his own regime to work. Drawing and contemplation in morning, collaborating with his team of employees in the afternoon, meetings with clients in the late afternoon and leaving  early evening for home.

office interior design for graphic designersAll creative people know themselves. They generally strike a balance between rest, play and work for enhanced thought process. So the challenge was to design for a designer who not only knows his work practices himself, but also and importantly his faults.

Office Interior Design For Graphic Designers: Basic Principle

office interior designing for graphic designers in delhiThe design started by the basic principle, there is no right or wrong answers when it comes to design.

The layout was worked and re-worked to achieve an open- connected work environment, where everyone can maintain an eye contact. Relatively higher interaction and constant communication was a basic need to this office.

The staff desks had no partitions to promote knowledge transfer. The partition behind reception is in wooden planks to make the space look one. The partitions of MD cabins, conference and meeting rooms are in glass to visually make the space look as one office and not cubicles with no access to natural light.

The double glass used on exterior windows for insulation and reducing the AC load, is a mark of energy conservation and a step towards eco-friendly commercial design. The use of eco-friendly ply, veneers instead of wood, LED’S, inverter AC’S, insulating with thermocol concealed in the false ceiling, solar water heater and electricity generator were all steps taken to make this project as eco- friendly as possible.

Technology played an important aspect in deciding space outfitting. The decisions to equipments needed was jotted down before space allocation to save headaches later on.


office interior design for graphic designers workstationThe most important feature of our design was lighting. The impact proper lighting has on workplace productivity and happiness. Providing as much natural light as possible not only improves occupants’ morale but can also significantly reduce your energy spend.

We made sure, the occupants had access to windows and views, we created one in the entrance and other in the backyard.

Somehow there is something magical about adding greenery and having all corners well lit.

It’s just perfect for relaxation, creativity and reducing fatigue in those long meetings. The glass partitions served their purpose beautifully to allow uninterrupted light flow.

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Colors For the Office Interior Design For Graphic Designers

waiting area of a graphic designer officeThe deep tones were used in MD rooms which are the inherent beauty of nature. The charcoal, and grey tinged with a touch of black in the chairs is the theme to first MD room. The table made up of stainless steel appears to have melted in the flow of design.

Continuing the charcoal-cement theme in the second MD room; it is off-setted by the use of exposed brick tiles. The red sofa enhances the brightness of the room. Both the rooms overlook the backyard which has landscaping and a little waterfall to act as a back-drop. Beside relaxation and calmness, the view assists in clarity of thought, as essential for designer.

The staff room is metallic-rustic in tone with a quotation saying ‘Make it Matter’ on the wall. The uncluttered look with no extra designing makes it easier to focus on one’s work.

office cabin design delhiThe utilities are separately placed in the back yard for no unwanted noise in the office.

The reception area is a visual treat with low height battens serving the partitions. The wrought iron ceiling with danglers right above the table form a dramatic segregation to the area.

The waiting sofa lounge with stacked book design in the corner and a plasma TV ensures you will not get bored even if you have to wait for a while. The picture frames with motivational quotes on the back of sofa speak about companies’ values.

On the backside of reception is an informal meeting area. The yellow sofa and artistically placed planters are sure to make you feel at home. The grey Italian floor acts like a luxury base on which the piece of art stands.

The meeting room is designed to be all things yellow. Yellow flooring, walls and even ceilings. The glass partition has rope work on it for visually separating it.

meeting room office interior design for graphic designersThe conference room is a little formal with line sketch on one wall done by an artist just to show that it is a designer’s office. The projector on wall and simple furniture keeps the focus on the work itself.

The waiting lounge with two chairs is designed in yellow and blue to represent the theme of office, the hot and cold blended together. The office is sure to create a unique experience.

There you go! That’s the design philosophy for this office interior design for graphic designers. If you’re looking for similar office interiors, get in touch with us!