8 Must-Haves in Commercial Façade Design

commercial facade design in palwal

First impressions do matter. And the world of commercial facade design is no stranger to this maxim. With so many players in the market today, it is important to differentiate yourself from the competition and stand out. Ansa Interiors, a reputed name among interior designers of Delhi NCR, can help you do precisely that. Our team of professionals can help you conceptualize and execute a design that will attract maximum customer attention, subsequently resulting in higher footfalls, and more business (profits).

commercial facade design in palwal

Before we go into the details, it is a good idea to understand the origin of the word facade. Derived from a French word, facade means ‘face’, literally speaking. It is the face of your building and speaks volumes about your business’s identity and personality. This would explain a lot as to why a great commercial facade design matters.

Read on to know what goes into designing an effective and appealing commercial facade.

  • Focus on the purpose first

First and foremost, it is important to understand the functionality you intend to derive out of your commercial space. Consider and deliberate in detail upon all the needs of your business. These requirements will vary for different set-ups such as offices, shopping malls, automobile showrooms, and the like. Once you have decided on the functionality, it will serve as a starting point for the actual commercial facade design. All design elements should focus on providing the utility as determined beforehand. Purpose first, then form, is the ideology to be followed. Go in the reverse order of these, and it could prove to be a costly error to rectify later on.

  • Ensure compliance

Complying with the local laws and regulations for buildings and commercial establishments is an unsaid requirement for commercial facade design. These laws are dynamic in nature and that is why you need professional services to stay on top of them. Aspects such as fire safety, access for the disabled, cleanliness and hygiene, matter a lot. We, as the leading interior designers in Srinagar, can help you take care of all these efficiently, sans the hassle or stress.

  • Choose materials wisely

The choice of materials is a decision that needs careful planning and consideration. Ensure that the materials are weather-resistant and can stand the test of time. In addition, they should be visually appealing (without compromising on the functionality of course).

commercial facade interior design in agra

For a contemporary look, opt for sleek designs, whereas for a more traditional look, you can go with textures and stones. Whatever materials you choose (for doors, windows, entrance, and the remaining exterior), maintain the uniformity of the overall look. All pieces should come together as one cohesive building, and not merely different pieces stitched together in a maze. And this is where we specialize! The team at Ansa Interiors can help you choose and procure the right materials as per your business and aesthetic requirements.

  • Have a proportionate structure

As already mentioned, the consistency of look is very important. Once the materials have been decided, the next step is to come up with a symmetrical design that will keep all elements of the building exterior in proportion. This will help to ensure that the building pleases the eye when it comes to impressing clients. Our team is well-equipped to help you here as well- we will help you plan and create a stunning design that stands out from the crowd, without overlooking the key concepts of balance and symmetry of course.

  • Go for a well-coordinated colour scheme 

Colours are not only important from a design perspective; at times they can also help to mask possible errors in the building exterior. The best way to proceed here is the use of one single colour, in multiple shades, for the body of the building. This greatly helps in keeping the commercial facade design consistent. As for the trims and windows, go for lighter and contrasting colours, which balance out the overall look. The colour you choose eventually will be determined by the amount of natural lighting available in the area, and also the climatic conditions.

  • Make the entrance count

It goes without saying that the entrance of any commercial building should be warm and inviting. There are different ways of achieving this objective. Firstly, play with colours- use dual shades for an everlasting impression. Opt for bolder colours for the entrance as compared to the rest of the building. Additionally, you can use stylish lamps or accent lights to glam up the entrance. Take it a step further by adding stylish rugs so that your patrons and visitors feel warm and welcomed.

  • Incorporate greenery through landscaping

No form of design is complete without incorporating ‘natural’ elements. Landscaping can greatly amplify any commercial facade design. Having greenery in the set-up is known to generate positivity and a tranquil environment. Our team of experts will help you explore all the available options when it comes to landscaping: patience is the key here as we all are well aware that sowing seeds and growing nice plants are time-consuming endeavours. Focus on having local flowers and plants as much as possible.

  • Give back to the community

Commercial buildings give one the perfect opportunity to give back something to the society. Corporate social responsibility is an integral thread in the fabric of corporate governance for many companies these days. Design your building in a way that it supports community activities such as walking. A shopping mall can have a small play area outside where young kids can enjoy with grandparents while their parents enjoy shopping. These are small yet effective ways of creating an inclusive community.

commercial facade design

Commercial facade design is a vast field that involves a host of factors. To take care of all the finer nuances outlined above, and many more, get in touch with us. Our team is the best when it comes to interior designers of Delhi NCR, and will leave no stone unturned to ensure a hassle-free experience for you. Click here to book your appointment!

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