How To Save While You Splurge On Home Design?

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Want to change how your home looks but don’t want to spend too much? There’s a way to save while you splurge on home design. We wrote a whole book about it!

Here are few of the most important lessons we discussed in the book!

1. Don’t miss out on your home’s potential

Your home truly reflects your style. Thoughtfully designed spaces which capitalize the best of your home’s architecture, character and style can add appreciation of value to your property in future.

A well-designed property generally sells easily and at a better price. At some point – maybe sooner than you expected, you will probably put your property for sale in the market. Hence it is a good idea to spend smartly now and create opportunities of profit in future.

2. Find out if something is really worth it

This can be well understood with an example. Imported wallpaper which is available at some high end studio for rupees 10,000 can be bought at almost 50% discount from the dealer who is probably sitting in the wholesale crowded markets.

But it is still worth sending one of your employees or just taking a round to explore. We like calling these trips a Treasure Hunt. You just end up finding something which is worth the effort.

3. Use free sources around you

The internet, magazines, home improvement programs, the world is at your fingertips for design ideas. It is good to explore and recognize your own taste.

Make visits to paint stores, wood or ply showrooms, furnishing stores, tiles showroom, and stone showrooms; just to make a mood board that inspires you. This will help you determine your own personal style.

If you plan to hire an Interior Designer, it will be a helping aid in easy communication, while if you plan to do it yourself; at least you will know the entire picture before starting.

4. Use accessories to achieve a fresh look

Pillows, throw blankets, area rugs, the flower vase, candle stand, mirror frame or pictures are just a few accessories to name; which are inexpensive and can be changed on your whim. Instead of purchasing new furniture pieces, change these accessories in an absolutely new color palette.

Say, if you have these accessories in various colors, try buying all turquoise are all lemon green. Instantly and economically; you would have solved your decor dilemma.

5. Used accent light to highlight decor

Most likely your residence will have general lighting. Installing accent light to highlight an artwork or just create a drama and a focal Point to add the required spark. Sometimes it is not necessary to change anything; it is just a lighting which makes the whole area dull and gloomy. Simply up-lighting to provide a visual interest to the house plants and Atrium or down-lighting an important art piece is all that is required.

6. Do your homework before you go shopping

Don’t buy items on whim, specially your long-term investment pieces like your furniture that will last for a lot many years. It is ok to splurge on items that will make a huge statement. Say buying a full length framed mirror to keep against the wall will create a unique wow factor, while spending the same amount on a myriad of decor items to put on a bookshelf may make them get lost in the context of the books.

There you go! Those are our top 6 tips to help you save while you splurge on home design.

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