5 Creative Design Trends For Interior Designing In Delhi

luxury bedroom interiors

Delhi is different. Design trends all over the country maybe saying something else, but when it comes to interior designing in Delhi, it is all unique. In today’s post, we’re going to list down all the top creative design trends 2020 for Delhi homes.

1. Unusual is In

It’s hard to get a bunch of competing professionals in a room and have them agree upon something. But if there’s one thing interior designers in Delhi agree upon, it’s about this trend.

While the basics will still rule, the tides are really on the sides of the unusual. By unusual, we don’t mean picking the most different looking sofa or wall colour for yourself. It’s really about highlighting the uniqueness in the personality.

People are looking for home designs that speak who they’re. Consequently, each space is different. While a business man’s home will reflect his desires & likes, a techie’s home may look entirely different with state-of-the-art tech installations to suffice their needs as well as their personality.

luxury bedroom interiors

2. Sustainability & Timelessness

Homeowners are looking to invest in pieces for long-term. They don’t want anything that will need to be replaced in just a few years or even in the next few decades.

One of the peak causes for this trend is the gravitation of the society towards eco-friendly lifestyles. People are becoming more ecologically conscious and are careful about the impact their choices have on the environment. Their purchasing and design decisions are greatly affected with this positive outlook.

With these attitudes, homeowners are increasingly interested in earthy tones and vibes.

3. Bold Colours Are Replacing The Neutrals

Warm saturated hues are being replaced over the neutrals. Plain white walls pale in front of a floral wall. The beige sofa gets overlooked in front of the rich yellow one. In the recent years, homeowners, even the minimalist ones, crave for the pop of colours in the home décor for a more lively look.

Sofas are where you can see the biggest impact of this trend. Bold colours in sofa are quite rampant. For those who like lighter shades, colours like millennial pinks work very well.

4. Patterns Everywhere

Patterns on the walls, floors, and even furniture are trending in 2020. Interior designers in Delhi are seeing an increasing demand of patterned walls. At ANSA, we’ve delivered several projects with such creative wall decors. We love experimenting with printed patterns as well as embroidered panels on the bedroom walls. Patterns are quite popular in furniture, especially table tops.

home interior design by ansaWhen it comes to pattern mixing, there are really no rules. The creativity has no bounds and is being seen everywhere.

5. Natural Luxe

Natural materials and patterns are quite popular at this time. Marble floors are the most popular. In fact, we recently discussed stones in this YouTube video of ours, for the use of Italian stones and marbles now goes beyond the usual floors and kitchen shelves. Marble is quite popular as a material even with furniture and accent decor pieces.

Rustic woods, and houseplants, are other very popular ways to incorporate the love for natural materials into the home decor.

There you go! Those are the top 5 creative design trends for interior designing in Delhi. For a completely customized professional interior designing in Delhi NCR, connect with us at +91-98106-30334!