Looking For Interior Designers In East Delhi? Here’s What You Need To Know

interior designers in east delhi

Who are interior designers? Do they decorate your place? Are they really needed? Interior Designers in Delhi are high in demand, for no homeowner or business owner has the time to get into the technical aspects of designing a home unless interior designing is what you do for a living.

To answer the first question, interior designers are much different from interior decorators – the latter decorate a place. Interior designers deal with the technical setup of the place, managing the functionality of the elements – lighting, plumbing, electrical fittings, flooring, ceiling while complying with a décor theme of your choice.

While you may opt to DIY the decoration, you cannot skip the services of interior designers if you want to avoid costly mistakes and have a functional synchronised design. Therefore, we recommend that if you’re looking for interior designers in East Delhi (or anywhere throughout India), you stop overthinking your decision and get to finding a professional interior designer for this job.

home interior designers in east delhiHere’s what you need to know while looking for Interior Designers in East Delhi

1.Find Somebody Who Has Worked In This Area Before

Why? It’s not compulsory but if you hire an interior designer that has been working in the area for longer than a decade, like Ansa Interiors is, it’ll be easier for you to see their existing projects, and check up with the references.

Chances are you already know somebody who hired the same designer and can tell you whether they’re any good or not.

2. Set Your Budget

Before you actually make your call to the interior designer, think of your budget and the scope of your project. Do you want to get your home designed from scratch or do you want a redesign? Do you hope to get the whole project done at once or do you want to go for one room at a time?

The reason we say this is because your quote and available choices of designers will vary significantly with these details.

For example, at ANSA, we handle only complete luxury interior design projects. So, we may not be a good pick for you if you’re looking for design of one room. If you’re looking for luxury interior design – residential or commercial, you definitely need to get in touch with us.

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interior design of showroom in tilak nagar by ansa interiors

3. Check The Background of The Interior Designer

When looking for interior designers in East Delhi, we highly recommend that you check their credentials and references. Start with visiting the designer’s website and seeing their portfolio as well as other accomplishments – awards, famous collaborations etc.

Once you do that, and start discussing your project with the designer, ask for references and maybe, even ask for visits to their current ongoing projects. Check these references thoroughly before you put down your money into it.

4. Discuss Your Project in Detail

This is really a two-way street. Firstly, you need to ensure you’re opting for only those interior designers in Delhi who are good at communication and deliver what they promise. This will help you avoid nasty surprises once project is under completion. Talking for hours in the beginning would actually help you save time and money later.

Secondly, you need to ensure you’re able to deliver your vision properly to the interior designer as well. If you choose a designer who’s good at communication, they’ll definitely guide you through the process of helping them understand your vision to them.

Remember, interior design without your personal touch would look boring, no matter how lux and world-class it is. Hence, be prepared to be involved in the process, at least very much in the beginning.

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interior designers in east delhi

5. Discuss The Deliverables & Pricing

Lastly, make sure you discuss what are the deliverables as well as pricing for everything you discussed in the previous steps. Analyse if it fits your budget and if everything is inline with the vision, and then, just be prepared for the beautiful new design you’ve worked so hard for.

There you go! We hope these tips help you if you’re looking for interior designers in East Delhi, or anywhere else, honestly. ANSA Interiors is a luxury interior designing firm, servicing in Delhi NCR & Srinagar. We would love to discuss your project with you and help you out. Our previous projects and award-winning streak as well as more than a decade of experience could really be what you’re looking for. Talk to us at +91-98106-30334.