8 Great Tips on Home Theatre Interior Design

home theatre interior design

A luxury home experience is incomplete without a home theatre. It’s a special space, that allows the family to come together & enjoy the fine art of storytelling. As the best interior designers in NCR, we have designed & delivered several home theatres within our residential projects. You can see our portfolio here, and here’s what we think you must remember about home theatre interior design.

home theatre interior design
home theatre interior design created by ANSA

1. Keep it Dark

Normally, we recommend bright lights and mood lighting for spaces but when it comes to home theatre interior design, you must keep it as dark as possible. Bright light will dim the screen quality and direct light onto the projector will make the picture look washed out. Use drapes to darken the room for the best viewing experience.

2. Finalize Your Requirements

Basic requirements in a home theatre design include an HDTV or a projector, receivers, speakers, and other paraphernalia depending on your budget, choice, and the latest technology. You have to ensure to pick each of these correctly. This is why we recommend working with professional interior designers, as we have the skill and experience to design a perfect home theatre system. 

Moreover, you can save up a lot of money with the help of a professional. For example, most people would go and buy the most expensive thing available when it comes to an HDTV. But that’s not always needed. The efficiency of the home theatre system doesn’t really depend on the size of the TV. It really depends on the placement of the T.V. and how far you’re watching it from – it depends on the home theatre interior design. 

home theatre interior design delhi

The choice of the receiver should also depend on how you plan to use your home theatre system. It doesn’t have to be the most upgraded system either. If you’re not going to use particular electronics & equipment in your home theatre, there’s no point in getting a receiver that supports those features. Get what you really need! 

Speakers also must be picked by keeping the space in mind. While designing a home theatre, you must remember it’s a modular setup and you can always upgrade as your needs grow in the future. At any given time, you must stick to what you need and avoid wasting your money on products & features you’ll never use. 

3. Home Theatre Interior Design

When it comes to the interiors, the options are limitless. Choose between the basic theme – contemporary, thematic, modern or a blend of modern and contemporary. Then, go into the color options. A few popular color schemes for home theatre interior design are red & gold, blue & black, green & red, black & purple, and orange & brown. 

You can also theme your home theatre more creatively, for example, a Hollywood-style home theatre, sporty themed or family-friendly theme home theatre. 

At ANSA, we always listen to what our customers say, what themes they like and then provide them realistic 3D photo renderings to help them understand what their selected choices would look like. That makes the design much easier and less prone to errors. 

latest home theatre interior design 3D

4. Seating

We’ve talked about the basics of lighting, electronics and the interior theme for your home theatre. Now, the most important – seating has to be chosen. The right furniture will ensure if you feel that luxury comfort while enjoying your favorite movie or not. Depending on your budget, options for seating range between sectional leather sofas, individual reclining armchairs, lift chairs, velvet sofas, massage chairs, and love seats. 

The choice of seating will depend on your space and budget. 

5. Let the Electronics Breathe

Electronics produce heat, and you need to make provisions to ensure the heat can get out. Overheated electronics can get damaged pretty quickly, and sometimes, even cause damage to the property. Never lock up the electronics in an unventilated cabinet. Make sure they have optimum breathing space.

6. Use one Universal Remote

Instead of having to sort through various remotes, invest in technology to have one universal remote. You could also invest in smart home theatre interior design for an advanced smart home theatre experience. 

7. Pay Attention to the Wires & Speakers

Good audio wiring would cause less distortion. Good cables in general are safer and better to use. Remember, thick wires mean less interference from the wires in the walls. 

Make sure you invest in the right speaker – the one that can handle the depth of the bass and even lower frequencies of the movies. The speaker system would also differ according to the size of the room, and the quality you’re looking for.

8. Do Soundproofing

With soundproofing, you can get rid of the dreadful echo that may mar your viewing experience. 

There you go! These are our top 8 tips to help you plan your home theatre interior design. For professional assistance in redesigning your home, call us at 98106-30334. We’re the top luxury interior designers in NCR & we could help you build your dream space!

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