10 Things To Keep in Mind When Designing a Showroom

Jewellery showroom at Bulandshahar - showroom interior designing secrets

Showroom interior design plays a pivotal role in attracting customers and eventually convincing them to make that all important purchase. The store layout, the shelf display, and the walkways have a huge influence on a customer’s psyche. Here are the top ten things you need to keep in mind when designing a showroom.

showroom interior design in Delhi NCR


1.Focus on the brand theme

One of the best ways to pick an appropriate theme for showroom interior design is by focusing on the theme of the brand itself.

Incorporate colours of the brand logo in the store design.

Use product specific displays to garner more public attention.

A store that sells apparel for trekking and hiking would do really well with an earthy and raw design concept.

Focus on the brand identity and you will get the answer!

  • 2. Think through the path

While considering your showroom interior design, think of a well-defined path which the customers will use. This is important as it helps the customer to see every product on display clearly, and also spend more time in the store, which will eventually translate into a sale and generate revenue for the business.

jewellery Showroom at israna.3. Accented walls work well

In this era of booming real estate prices, space can be a constraint for showroom interior design. However, this can be overcome through the use of single wall accents.

They not only create an illusion of more space, but also help to draw customer attention immediately. For accented walls, showroom interior designers in Delhi suggest going for wallpapers or printed fabrics.

  • 4. Innovate with lighting

Lighting can do wonders to the overall look and feel of your showroom. These days, the interior design market is flooded with unconventional lighting options that take the store ambience to an altogether different level. Go for offbeat designs, accents and highlights. Also, there should be ample lighting to sufficiently illuminate the displays so that everything is visible to the eye.

  • 5. Choose unique displays

Gone are the days when showroom interior designers in Delhi would go for large bulky displays for different kinds of products. Nowadays, you can experiment with displays depending on the type of product they will showcase. For instance, shoes can go in baskets in brown earthen colours. Jewellery can be displayed in tiers for visual appeal. Revolving racks hold good for books. Such displays also help to optimize the showroom space and minimize clutter.

  • 6. Add textures

A flat look can dull the overall feel of the store. Which is where adding textures and layers can work wonders for you. If you are on a tight budget and cannot afford bricks or stones, there is nothing to worry. These days the market has myriad design options in faux panels. Pick the one that is closest to the theme of your store and you are all set.

  • 7. Mirror mirror on the wall

Mirrors are a must have when it comes to showroom interior design. Firstly, they can be used by customers to experiment with accessories. Secondly, they maximise the space by reflecting light and the environment nearby. Mirrors impart an open character to any showroom space thus making it more inviting for the customer.

  • Jewellery showroom at Bulandshahar
    Jewellery showroom at Bulandshahar

    8. Digital signage

The best way to garner customer attention is through the use of digital signage. Technology is the name of the game and that is why showroom interior designers in Delhi recommend digital signage to announce any in-store promotions, sales, or special events. Simply the best way to increase customer footfall!

  • 9. Let the music play

Shopping is no longer just about picking up a product and making the payment; it is a holistic experience which a customer looks forward to. So the next time you design a showroom ensure that you incorporate speakers in your set up to play music that the shoppers can enjoy as they make their picks while browsing the store.

  • 10. Modern art all the way

Last but not the least, showroom interior design is going contemporary with the advent of modern and abstract art. You can take your store to an altogether different level with a modern art layout and presentation. This is something which calls for a thorough consultation with your interior designer as it entails many abstract elements.

We at ANSA can help you get the best interior design for your showroom with no hassle at all. Get in touch today for the first step towards a great showroom interior!