6 Tips To Decorate Your Home For Winter

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Winters are around the corner, and with that comes the anticipation of low, gloomy days, with subtle guest appearances from the sun here and there. While you really do not have much control over the weather, there is definitely something you can do with winter décor to brighten up your days and mood. Below are some tips and tricks to decorate your home for winter season!

decorate your home for winter

  • 1. Bright and bold colours

The simplest yet one of the most effective ways of adding warmth to any home interior is the use of bright and bold hues. Pick your favourite bright colours, not more than two, and use them within every space in the house.

A word of caution here- do not overdo the colours. You can use them on a single wall within the room, or in the form of some design patterns. Bright and bold is the way to go, and you are ready to beat the winter blues!

  • 2. Go heavy on soft furnishings

Interior design companies in Delhi highly recommend going for ample soft furnishings within the house during the winter months. Go for lush rugs in the bedrooms, carpets in the drawing room, and lots of cushions here and there. These go a long way in adding colour and warmth to the space.

Comfortable to deal with and so easy on the pocket, soft furnishings can add a new life to your home during the otherwise dull winter months.

  • 3. Light works wonders

Light is an instant mood elevator as we all know. You can make use of it effectively in winter décor through a variety of ways. First things first, incorporate reflective, shiny metallic pieces within your space. Their surfaces will reflect light and instantly brighten the mood of the house. For any lamps or ceiling lights, go for coloured glass fixtures. These again augur well for illuminating the space well and lifting the mood on those dark winter days.

  • 4. More power to nature

Nothing lifts the human mood as well as nature does. Sounds familiar and true? If yes, then flower vases and wallpapers are just what you need, as per interior design companies in Delhi.

So the cold weather may not allow you to go outside and witness nature after all, but you can have it right within your home. Flower vases make the space cheerful and vibrant. Wallpapers in floral patterns also have pretty much the same effect. One of the best ways to boost your winter décor we would say!

interior design services drawing room decor Shivaji Enc. Long Wall5. Wood to the rescue

Nothing can beat the good old charm of wooden elements within any interior space. So to get that extra warmth and comfort during winters, why not add some wooden elements to your home sweet home? Wooden furniture is a great way to add a sense of coziness.

If you are a little tight on the budget and cannot afford buying the furniture outright, add some subtle wooden pieces. It could be a book shelf, it could be a television cabinet, or even a rocking chair. Combined with the right colour scheme, this can greatly enhance the mood of the house during winters.

  • 6. Brighten up with candles

Brighten Up the Winter Decor Ideas (1)

Candles are the big thing when it comes to sprucing up winter décor. They not only add warmth to the space, but radiate brightness and emanate pleasant fragrances too. Go for strong winter scents such as cinnamon, pumpkin spice, mahogany, sandalwood, and the like. Candles on the dining table or that book shelf can make your home look a class apart.

As you would have noticed by now, winters do not have to be that gloomy after all. With these simple tricks, you can make your home cozy, warmer, and brighter. Get in touch with ANSA interiors today for all your winter décor needs.