6 Essentials For Institutional Interior Design

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Institutional interior design is one area in the world of interiors where professional expertise and guidance is a must. It involves a host of elements that need careful consideration- adhering to and ensuring 100 percent compliance with local laws and regulations, creating a positive learning environment, ensuring all safety protocols are in place, and so on and so forth.

All these elements have to be then synchronized to impart a unique personality to the institution. With so much at stake, Ansa Interiors, a leading name among Delhi interior designers, can help you with all your needs right from the start to beginning. Read on to know more!

institutional interior designing

  • Stay abreast with local regulations

First things first, it is very important to know what the local rules and regulations state when it comes to buildings.

Before embarking on the journey of your institutional interior design project, it’s crucial to make an effort to ensure that the premises are compliant with safety and security norms for everyone who will visit the building. Whether it is a school, university, hospital, library, or a commercial set-up, every institution will have adequate fire safety measurements in place. The same holds true for the plumbing and drainage system, as well as the electrical wiring and switches and sockets. Any lapse on compliance can result in serious consequences, both money and reputation, later on.

  • Plan layout as per functionality

Layout planning in institutional interior design is a vast domain. Here it is important to understand the functionality and plan the layout accordingly.

If you have an elementary or primary school on mind, the passages and corridors should be your prime focus as majority of the students and staff will crowd these areas at multiple times in a day. The ideal distance between the blackboards or whiteboards (as the case may be) and the student benches is another key factor.

school interior designers in delhi ncr institutional interior designIf you are looking at a vocational college set-up, laboratories or practical workshops will form the core of the layout, around which other elements will be set up. To put it briefly, assess the functionality first and then our team will collaborate with you to come up with a layout that meets the requirements.

  • Create a ‘unique’ personality

Every educational institute has its own set of principles and ideologies that it stands for. We help you to create a ‘unique’ personality for your institute through a process of intensive discussion and collaboration- the main reason why we are a trusted name among interior designers in Srinagar and interior designers of Delhi NCR. The branding and logo play a major role here. Try and incorporate these visual elements wherever possible. The only word of caution- do not compromise on the functional aspects while creating the institution’s identity.

  • Bring the space to life with creativity

Teaching and learning are creative experiences and so institutions where these happen, cannot be dull and monotonous. Use visual elements significantly in your institutional interior design to create a captivating space for both students and teachers.

Some examples of implementing this: use bright colors in play areas (especially for kindergarten students); incorporate interactive displays in reading areas such as libraries to generate interest among the students; the bookstore on campus should be designed in a way that is warm and inviting; the cafeteria should have attractive menus and shelf displays that stimulate appetites, and so on.

  • Ensure there is adequate lighting

A well designed institution should have ample natural lighting to facilitate learning. Incorporate large windows in every classroom. It is a well known fact that natural light has a positive influence on mental and cognitive abilities, which in turn boosts learning and grasping power. There should also be sufficient sources of artificial light for use on days when the weather is dark and gloomy, and the sun may not be out in full force. Having enough light in a classroom is a prerequisite for maintaining ‘healthy’ eyesight and vision for students and teachers.

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  • Procure comfortable furniture

When it comes to the choice of furniture, comfort is the main factor that you should take into consideration. Remember that health and safety of students and teachers is something to be taken care of at all costs. Comfortable furniture ensures all the focus remains on learning. We can help you source quality furniture for your institution at competitive rates without any hassle. You do not have to worry about touching base with multiple vendors and negotiating all along. We will take care of everything from start to end!

Any institution will be made up of multiple departments and units, that should eventually come together as one cohesive learning unit that bolsters the overall growth and development of a student. With this in mind, our team of experts is highly dedicated to keeping the interior design of institutions consistent and uniform. Though physically separate, but every unit will be well-connected when it comes to the language it talks.

At Ansa Interiors, we totally understand the notion that students spend a major part of their day at their institutions, after their homes of course. Creating a friendly and positive ambience while designing the institute is therefore the key to make them comfortable and at ease. To get holistic institutional interior designing services, get in touch with us today. Click here to book your consultation!