Home Gym Equipment & Ideas For 2021

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Covid-19 has made us all aware of the need for being healthy. Regular exercise, deep breathing sessions and staying active has become a necessity, as we face the risk of rapidly spreading coronavirus strains, as well as, stay locked inside our homes. 

As lockdown makes a comeback in 2021, commercial gyms are closed, again, and we need better health than ever before. In fact, interest in home gyms skyrocketed in 2020. People have converted their basements, spare rooms, garages and actually any nook & corner they could find in their homes that could fit in their favorite gym equipment. 

If you’re also considering having a home gym, not just because of the lockdown but also to make exercising as a part of your daily routine whether you’ve an active gym membership or not, then this article will help you out. We, ANSA Interiors, have put together our tips on how you can maximize your space & ensure that your home gyms last for years & motivates you to work out regularly! 

  1. Finalize your Budget

An average gym membership costs around Rs. 1000 per month. That makes it Rs. 12000 a year. Add to it more family members and the cost shoots up rapidly. On an average, if you’ve 4 family members looking for a gym membership, you’ll be shelling out close to 50,000 a year. 

By switching to a home gym, you’ll have to make a one-time investment instead of committing to a yearly subscription cost. With a home gym, you’ll actually save a lot of money in the long run. Moreover, it’s open 24/7, whenever you want to exercise. Clearly, this one-time investment comes with a multitude of benefits.

  1. Customize Your Home Gym To Your Exercise Preference

Not everybody likes to lift heavy. Not everybody wants a relaxing yoga session. And then, it’s about the needs. The exercise regime of an elderly person has to be different that a young man looking to have a chiseled body. Quite evidently, how you set up your home gym depends heavily on such factors. 

Take some time to consider what your family wants and needs in a home gym. Look for what fitness style suits each of you and how you can incorporate it all in the space you’ve. Also, plan out for various exercise styles in case your exercise preferences change.

The general equipment in a home gym includes treadmills, cardio machines, and cross-trainers. Those interested in strength training may add an adjustable bench, dumbbells, exercise balls, etc. But that’s not all. Holistic exercises like yoga and Pilates are in trend for good. 

As the top interior designers in Srinagar, we recommend that you plan a gym that has room for each of your family members – that gives you a combination of functional home gym (full of the usual steppers, resistance bands, treadmills, bikes, weights and kettlebells) and a wellness gym (full of exercise mats and equipment for a better yoga & meditation experience). 

Don’t forget having a proper sound system installed for your gym. Music is an important factor in any gym and having a reliable sound system is a good idea. 

  1. Find The Right Space For Your Home Gym

Find out what space in your house can be dedicated for this. By now, you should’ve decided the equipment you need and depending on that, you’ll need to find a suitable space that ensures the equipment can be placed safely. 

As latest home workout trends are getting popular, you may also need to plan out a space in such a way that you can enjoy live-streamed  or pre-recorded exercise classes right in your home gym. So, having a plain wall in space is quite important.

A home gym also needs to be bright & properly ventilated. In case, you don’t have adequate ventilation in the space available, you’ll need to install ventilation separately. It’s because without an adequate flow of air, the room will feel stuffy and air quality of the room will also drop – both of which may demotivate you from actually working out. A room with an existing large windows would be perfect to set up your home gym. 

A good home gym also needs controlled temperature and humidity. Dehumidifiers, and exhaust fans might need to be installed. This may seem like an unnecessary expenditure in the beginning, but this will ensure you actually use this home gym. 

  1. Plan out the Gym Decor

Just like a commercial gym, a good home gym isn’t just about the equipment. The aesthetic of the place matters a lot in whether you even feel like working out in that space or not. Once you’ve got the basic equipment out of your way and have a properly planned space, you’ll need to think of the decor. From lighting to flooring to the general decor, it all adds up to make your home gym a much-loved space in your home. 

Begin with the lighting. A bright and refreshingly lit gym will be more inviting. Opt for light bulbs with cool lighting. Avoiding warm toned lights for it will make you feel sluggish. A room with bright natural lighting will give you the much-needed energy boost. 

Adding mirrors will also help you double light & we all know how important mirrors are in the gym. Having big mirrors in a home gym, or any gym, isn’t just about vanity. These mirrors are very practical as they let you check your form & ensure your exercising posture is correct. 

Choose uplifting and relaxing colors for the gym like green, red, blue and yellow. But don’t go overboard with the shade of these colors as that may be counter-intuitive. You can also balance out these colors with neon for a contemporary twist or pastels for a relaxing environment. Also, keep in mind this is a home gym, and hence, this area must go with the overall color scheme of your home. 

Don’t forget plants and accent pieces to jazz up the decor of your home gym. The goal is to create a visual joy that gets you motivated enough to workout every day. You need a space that makes you happy. Hence, accent pieces, plants & even uplifting artwork will do the job. 

  1. Build For Long-Term

While coronavirus may seem like a temporary problem, it’s no reason to treat your gym as a temporary setup. Building a proper home gym can save you recurring expenses of gym memberships and bring you convenience that you never felt the need of before. But if you do the setup right, you’ll thank yourself for this great investment into your health and your family’s health. 

Are you ready for that? 

We hope our tips to set up a home gym help you out. Stay safe! 

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