How To Be Best At Gym Interior Designing

Gym interior designing at hotel in Srinagar.

Talking about modern day lifestyles, it will not be unfair to say that gyms have become an integral part of our daily routine. The pressures of professional and family life can take a toll on your physical and mental health, which is why it is imperative to have a regular exercise regime that you can follow. Gyms have gained widespread popularity among the masses. With so many players in the market, standing out from your competition is the key to success. For gym interior designing that gives you the best of both worlds- functionality and aesthetics, Ansa Interiors is here to help you!

Read on to know about the finer nuances of gym interior designing.

Gym interior designing at hotel in Srinagar.

1. Find that perfect balance between functionality and ambience

As already mentioned, a gym has to be usable, and at the same time lively enough, to make patrons comfortable and motivated to perform a workout. Talking of the former, place all exercise equipment such that it is easily accessible.

Make enough room for people to walk around freely without intruding into the personal space of others who are working out at the same time. As for the ambience, elements that make the space more inviting should be incorporated. We will go into the details of that shortly.

2. Plan the layout

Unlike many Delhi interior designers, we love to incorporate our clients’ inputs at every stage of the design process. Now that the importance of functional and aesthetic elements has been understood, the next step is to plan the layout.

We are aware that modern day gyms have a lot more to them than just having fancy exercise equipment. There is something to experience for everyone- massage area, meditation and yoga studio, group fitness classrooms, swimming pools, and shower and sauna areas. In such a scenario, creating an optimum layout is vital.

Let us know what all elements your gym will have, and we will conceptualize a layout for you that optimizes the space utilization. Time and motion study principles are also adhered to while designing the layout. This will ensure that people do not waste much time before laying their hands on a machine for a particular set of exercises.

Gym interior design in agra

3. Incorporate adequate storage facilities

As the leading interior designers of Delhi NCR, we ensure that every gym interior designing project we are involved with, keeps the end users in mind. In this context, it is important to provide a smooth and hassle-free experience so that customers can focus solely on exercise, without worrying about anything else.

Having adequate storage facilities would do that. Create ergonomic storage lockers (in numbers enough to accommodate the maximum gym footfall at any one instance in time) for clients to house all their clothes and other precious belongings, before they hit the floor. A mind that is devoid of any trivial stress related to storage, will in effect make the way for a great workout!

4. Use rubber tiles

In any modern day gym, a host of fitness activities are performed. Stretching, cardio, stamina and endurance building exercises, cycling, and the list goes on and on. To prevent injuries and alleviate any kind of risk to the clients, use rubber tiles for making the floor.

gym interiorsIn the unfortunate event of anybody falling or hitting the ground too, the least amount of damage would be done. And that is the hallmark of a great gym- the one where client’s safety is of utmost importance.

5. Create an inspiring ambience through appropriate lighting

Give your clients the much-needed adrenaline rush with those inspiring quotes and wall-art in your gym. You can also incorporate group workout schedule displays to enhance availability of information to your clients. Use bright lights to create a vibrant workout ambience. To take things a few notches higher, you can make use of appropriate music throughout the premises.

6. Focus on add-ons

Another key differentiator when it comes to competition are the add-ons you can provide to your customers. Let us discuss these one by one.

Firstly, a dedicated sales area for new customers, and to resolve the grievances (if any) of the existing ones, is a must-have. Let us know how many sales desks you wish to have and we will add them accordingly.

Next in line is the reception area which is the first point of contact for any person walking into the gym. It goes without saying that this should be designed with careful planning and attention. Towel storage areas are quite a common sight in any gym. But having these near the reception area can be a huge turn-off. Only keep the freshly washed towels here if you have to, but make sure all the used ones are going into dedicated bins placed near the changing rooms.

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Moving on, include a nice and upbeat waiting lounge for prospective clients, in the overall scheme of things. Place fitness magazines and other reading material to capture the interest of the people. You can even have your gym’s newsletter to showcase success stories and testimonials from existing clients. It all adds up to converting a lead into an actual customer.

Last but not the least, vending machines with energy drinks and water bottles are a great value addition. This will provide your clients with a comprehensive workout experience- more like a one-stop shop for all their workout needs. A win-win situation we say!

All said and done, working out has to be a seamless experience for clients- a place where they can exercise freely without any inhibitions. There should be no apprehensions about the surroundings, whatsoever! At Ansa Interiors, we are fully aware of this and help you design your gym accordingly. We take pride in delivering services that consistently supersede the expectations of our clients. Get in touch now to schedule your gym interior designing consultation!