Fusion Decor of Living Room

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A lot has been talked about contemporary. A lot of designers have worked around contemporary and created excellent designs but the sudden change in designs reflected in latest Interior Designs exhibitions across the world makes us wonder what next? After studying exhibits in Asian countries and the European continent, there is definitely a common thread; Contemporary blending with classical to form neoclassical as the new design ventures.

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With the interior clearly demarcated into either ethnic or contemporary, neoclassical interior decor offers a blend. Taking the graceful curves of Rococo and blending it with straight lines of Georgian and creating your own style makes the neoclassical style unique in itself. The line and form take precedence over color in neoclassical. It is the blending of shapes which is the most important element.

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The wall-papers, flooring, ceiling, and colors blend into predominant furniture which is the main emphasis in neoclassical style. The furniture is usually Mahogany and wedge with heavy grains accentuated with either paler pallet or stainless steel embellishments. Furniture is characterized by restraint symmetrical designs with motifs utilized for decoration.

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A strong color is used in moderation to catch the eye instantly. Color like magenta, blues, greens, and yellows are used to just cheer up one corner. Lavish use of gold leaf and silver leaf are entrants into this style. Wooden paneling’s, imported wallpapers and modern art paintings give additional opportunities to use color. Wallpapers with muted tones, simple repetitive patterns without any major color contrasts are used. Shades of cream, grays, sage greens, soft pink, muted rose, blues, mustard and ocher golds were popular. White became the hep most color apart from the veneered finishes. Flooring is kept UN-tone to either imported marble or wooden flooring.

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This neoclassical had been prevalent in the 18th century but this style has found its way back in a new interpretation from the today’s designers. Today it is more of an interpretation of classic furniture combined with gay and colorful decorations enabling the designers to create grandeur and elegance at one and the same time. Simple straight line ceilings, showcasing formality and elegance have become elements of utmost importance.

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Different material like horse hair, leather flooring, silk damask, curtains and lacquered glass in highlighting are used with a designer touch to achieve opulence. The oversimplification of trends with the classical touch tends to be sustainable and seems that it is here to stay.

The living room is the area which is your first introduction to guests. Couch or sofa occupies maximum space in your living room. The most important would be positioning your furniture. The traditional rule is to align it parallel to the wall but you can make it your own rule and place it at angles to give it a new look. A mix of old and new, formal and casual, neutral and bold add a new spark to the living room beside making it inviting and beautiful.

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The easiest way to get fusion look will be to introduce sofa and armchairs in contemporary lines while draperies and wall highlighting in the traditional way. Use the neutral color palette for the furniture and allow the accessories and furnishings to become a focal point. It is important to have an anchor or a place for your eye to rest which gives it the main focus.

It can be a console, a wall art or a highlighting of a corner or probably just a light fixture. This focal point will help bind the whole living room together and also define its function. Generally fire-place, plasma unit or a console make good focal points. It is sometimes important to draw the attention to the farthest wall using an oversize piece of art or decorative mirror so that you have footsteps in that corner, else it will become one dull area of the living room.

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Fusion look can be achieved by combining various materials; while chrome steel black lacquered wood, leather will add the contemporary look; silk, carved wood, and wrought iron will bring the tradition in. It is very important to achieve a balance by not overdoing any one style.

Accessories like cuddly cushions, candles, dim lights, and flowers will add warmth and coziness to the atmosphere. Add likes to your lighting rather than one high voltage ceiling lamp illuminating the entire room, use a combo of the floor, table, ceiling and wall lamp to make the space glow. A big rug made of plush wool or silk made with traditional weaving will make the room inviting and also set a sharp contrast with furniture.