The Baroque Style Decor to Any Interior Design

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1. A lot of us are not familiar with the “baroque” inspire decor; could you explain it briefly?

The word ‘baroque’ comes from an Italian word meaning ‘irregular pearl’, and the oyster shell has a long history as a symbol of beauty. It was the container of the pearl itself and the source of mother of pearl, a material greatly valued by furniture makers. The Baroque decor in living room used for entertaining to impress their friend’s & clients, which was adopt by rich merchants and bankers in Italy.

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2. How popular is the baroque design to the Indian culture? Do you have clients request specially for Baroque style decor?

Indian society known for its ethnic touch has always in history, made furniture which was one of the main props of interiors. The less elaborate baroque with iron braces, walnut and chestnut wood, with the legs turned, have found their place over the run of history. Baroque style decor is use in as highlighting and creating importance to some furniture incoherence to interiors. An industry which deals in furniture carve of wood has always remain prosperous since richly carve furniture mainly in teak and chestnut survived as a form of culture catering to local needs and preserving traditional styles long after it cease to be fashionable.

Baroque Style to Any Interior Design (15)

3. The baroque-inspired decor are very over-the-top and extravagant, how would you inculcate it in modern homes which are a little short of space?

As history repeats, the designs in interiors. An ornate full-length cupboard with multiple moldings, the armchairs, rectilinear in form with padded seats and backs, the chest of drawers with carving and turn feet are a few examples of pieces use as highlighting.

The modern homes today are generally done in contemporary style with a touch of baroque or neoclassical added just for spice. It could be just the entrance foyer or two high back chairs adjoining the console or just a cabinet in the entertainment room. The baroque style is restrict to create a drama around the furniture in one particular area.

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4. What are the variations that one can see in baroque inspired decor and how would one mix it up with urban or traditional contemporary Indian style decor?

The baroque era though originate in Italy is back to the sixteenth century with carving in guilt and wood. The palatial and domestic of Italian furniture continue to made with a little change over a very long period. From the typical high baroque style, the fashion spread over the years. Venice virtually had the monotony of carved and guilt for the looking glass frames. France had a lot of imported furniture and immigrant craftsman when King Henry IV sent a number of cabinet makers abroad to improve their skills i.e. when the fluid style of carving crept into the furniture and the basic technique of veneering was master.

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