Tips to use Vintage Decor Items for Modern homes

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The vintage decor idea of reusing to make sure a lighter on the planet with sustainable decorating. The Eco-friendly approach to recycling makes your home happier. The reuse furniture and accessories with today modern minimalist feature. The room chic rustic look and moderately scatter.

Few ways of blending Vintage Decor Items for Modern homes

dining room interiors

1. Here depicts a bedroom where the old granny suitcases have been reuse as side tables. The retro styles lamps which pulled away in the storeroom for ages take out and tied to steel ropes to create hanging lights.

2. The home theater shows the recycle wheels of old-time carts to use machine parts hung over rustic wallpaper to create an aura of Charlie Chaplin, who is one of the most accessible stars.

3. It shows the old-fashioned storage cabinet with that antique hardware which dates back to about a century. The brought out from grandmother’s garage serves the dual purpose of storage and DVD player holder while adding character.

4. It shows the usage of a couple of old unused vintage decor items. The hanging light is a collection of old lamps to a season long. The heavy stone pieces bring from the old haveli which was just there to decorate the entrance. The lamp place on top of the stone while the birds were no longer want to stay in the cage.

5. A very old frame which probably had rotten lying in the attic being use as a mirror frame above the wash basin. The blend in the character in different sizes with lights and made to stand in the corner to highlight

6. The old-time Jharokha which probably the granny use, to peep out, has been converting into a frame for a fixed window inside the spa. The wrought iron frame has been a repaint in the same rustic color, add a few lights and made into a wall art.

7. This picture clearly shows the reuse in artistic ways. A pair of wooden shutters of an old window horizontally into two parts. The Chester to make an interesting wall art. The dining table is made out of half-rotten wooden door embeds in reinforce concrete cement mixture. The Chester is made of pieces of the garden, powder coated black, to make the side legs while the old doors add to the top and center to complete the frame.

8. Purchasing old sleepers from railways was not a waste. On the wall, the wooden paneling highlight the niches are sleepers from inside.

9. The wall here depicts a collection of family pictures in those gone by vintage decor frames. The memories never change, is the best part of the pictures. Old photos in old frames are holding time on the wall which transmits you instantly into the old happy world. Photographs capture the moment that has gone forever and impossible to reproduce.