Small changes can make a big difference in your home decor

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Home decor nothing constant but change is all around us. Change keeps us moving forward. A very small change in the interior design can change the entire looking feel of the room lived in. Change is essential for a fresh feel or to just add a new point of discussion.

Basic items that are flexible and can be changed without a major cost are easy to work with and economical; are the best spice up points in the room. Add a wallpaper to one wall or just changing the paint on one wall can change the canvas of entire room.

If you want a simpler task then painting just a niche in darker tone or just telling a wall in a paint is an easy option. A slight rearrangement in the existing furniture placement can get a fresh and new energetic look.


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Light plays an essential role in our ability to perceive the world around us; the lighting system plays a critical role in how we perceive a space and can even influence how we act in that space.

Lighting can affect performance, mood, morale, safety, security, and decisions.

The first step in producing the right lighting inside home design is to ask what space is used for. The designer lighting determine the quantity of light, color quality, brightness, and direction.

Task lighting delivers light tailored for a specific task to the location of tasks.

Accent illumination can be given to highlight special objects of interest or to guide occupants. Another way to use lighting can be the art of using light to produce the desired effect.

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To add an atmosphere of elegance, we could add little lighting points of interest in the form of sparkle or glitter. This effect can be produced by either producing sharp reflections on specular surfaces in the room (sparkle), such as silverware in a restaurant or by making the light source itself a source of interest (glitter) such as with a chandelier. Beware of glare in such cases.

Instant makeover in interiors is possible by the change in accessories and simply sorting up your room design. To get spring inside, decorate arrangements at console or tables for a refreshing look. Add aroma candles or oil burners to enhance the fragrance of flowers. Change the paintings or wall hangings; cushions or bed covers. Try ‘Pop Art’ or some flashy colors like magenta or lime green as accessories.

Change the rugs or carpets for a quick fix. Accessories give an instant makeover. It gives your own energy to the home and also gives the visitor an insight into the real view. Accessories add your own touch to the otherwise blank home. Mirrors add a feeling of larger space & they dramatically change the appearance of the room. Mirrors can be hung at dead ends to give a new life.

A change by the paint in home decor brings instant change

Featured walls can be highlighted with either complimentary or contrasting color. Contrast color is more intense and overly stimulating when used together. Color options are so wide with their variation in hues, tint, and sheen, that a slight change can change the ambiance.

A different color in a niche is something very regular. Instead, you can create interesting patterns by making stripes inside the niche by using dark & light stripes inside the niche. You can also create a painting in the niche & put an accessory which complements the painting. A digital print in black and white on all four walls will add a strong character.

luxury bedroom interiors

Home decor with the season is the easiest manner to bring about the required change. The best thing to start is by focusing on the fabrics. Pack heavy velvet’s, silks brocades and woollen and switch to cool fabrics like cotton, linen, and jute. Summers call for a lot of change from dull grey winters. It is time to change the cushion covers on the sofa to floral or botanical prints as these tend to keep the ambiance fresh. If your room gets too much of sunlight it is a good idea to opt for double curtains. This is time to tuck away your heavy carpets, rugs and extra accessories which you pulled out during winters.

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Even the heavy paintings, runners and extra sofa coverings go to your storage in summers. Replace these with cotton rugs, paintings with floral patterns and fresh flower decoration in any form.Although the weather outside might be dreary, your decor inside can remain cheery. So you need to take out all your fluffy and soft throws. With the throws, your furniture pieces would make the place inviting and cozy. You may also use silk throws in order to impart a rich feel to the interiors. Use pillows and cushions to add extra warmth and comfort to your room. It is doubtless that softness of pillows and cushions compel one to snuggle them. In addition, you have the liberty to play with colors and fabrics.

Velvet, satin, suede, and silk are some popular options for fabric. It would be best to select dark colors and patterns. Introduce rugs in all parts of your house as it is it is very unpleasant to place your feet on a cold floor. Rugs shall make your home warm and cozy. Create a sitting space near the fireplace which has been inactive the rest of the year.

These small changes will change the home decor of your home completely and will create a feeling of freshness and provide a new look.

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