5 Small Restaurant Interior Design Tips You Must Know

Restaurant design by Ansa at Agra.

Small restaurants, be it quaint eating joints or cosy cafés, have gained a lot of popularity in recent times. The customer today no longer cares about the size but what the place has to offer. Which is why small restaurant interior design as a field has been buzzing with activity. There is a spurt of novel ideas which can do wonders to such places. Though space is a major constraint here, but you can use it fully to your advantage. Read on to know more!

Restaurant design at bulandshahar.1. Floor them with a plan!

Yes, you got it right! Floor plans deserve utmost importance when it comes to small restaurant interior design. Usually, it is recommended that you make a segregation of 3:2 when it comes to the dining and kitchen areas respectively.

The seating arrangement is one aspect where you can let all the creative juices flow in. You can use a variety of tables and chairs in the dining area. Booths can also be incorporated. For a more diverse look and feel, you can choose tables and chairs with different sizes and shapes.

  • 2. Mirror mirror on the wall!

Mirrors work really well when it comes to small restaurant interior design. They help to magnify the area giving an illusion of widened space. There are a number of ways you can use mirrors to that effect. You can go for different sized mirrors interspersed on one wall. The other way is to cover an entire wall with one large mirror. These days, mirror tiles are also becoming a hit with restaurant interior designers in Delhi. Another benefit you will get out of using mirrors in ample reflection of light, which can really brighten up your space. A win-win we say!

  • 3. Play with colours!

Depending on your objective, you can opt for light or bright colours for your space. If you want to keep it cosy and intimate, then darker colours are the way to go.

Likewise, for an enhanced illusion of space, go for subtle natural colours like blues and greens.

Another tip to keep in mind with small restaurant interior design is the colour palette. As a norm, two or more colours will do the trick for you. For a uniform and organized vibe, go for similar hues. However, if you want the place to look hip and happening, then contrasts are your best bet.

  • 4. Store in style!

Modern restaurant interior designers in Delhi rely heavily on the use of storage elements that combine great functionality with artistic design. Decorative racks in unique shapes and forms are highly popular these days. For instance, a restaurant that serves wine could make use of properly cut PVC pipe sections and turn them into a rack which will house all the wine bottles. This not only adds design value to your space, but also provides a clear shelf display to the customers.

To come up with effective storage ideas, you should focus on the theme of the restaurant. For a coffee shop, huge mugs or coffee-bean shaped containers are a great storage idea.

  • 5. Décor goes a long way!

The restaurant design at Punjab.You can up the wow quotient of your small restaurant by many notches through the use of fine décor pieces. The word of caution here is not to go overboard. Just stick to one or two pieces that capture attention and you have a great interior ready for you. Elegant chandeliers can be used to light up the space. You can make use of large flower pots at the entrance to draw attention. Try and incorporate any unique artistic pieces where possible. For example, a restaurant with a travel-based theme could make use of small and beautiful souvenirs of Eiffel Tower, the Sydney Opera House, and so on and so forth.

Designing a small restaurant can be a bit challenging but is totally worth it. First impressions go a long way. At ANSA, we will work collaboratively with you to give you a design that will convey the signature tone of your space. Let’s get started today!