Luxury Residences Designed By Best Interior Designers In Srinagar

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When it comes to luxury residence Designers in Srinagar, ANSA interiors have designed some of the best and the most eloquent residences. We have created for you a list of some of the best interiors in Srinagar. Check out various designs online to get an idea about how to design the best residences.

Best Interior Designers In Srinagar

1. Traditional Kashmiri Luxury Home

We designed luxury home in Srinagar is designed by the Interior Designers in Srinagar with the ground floor having a lobby, drawing area, hammam area, kitchen, and a common sitting area. On the first floor, the master bedroom and the children’s bedrooms have been designed. 

  • The lobby has maroon sofas with wooden flooring. The common Hamam area has been designed traditionally by making a seating arrangement on the floor alongside coupling it with central heating. We also installed a washbasin and storage cabinets in the room for more convenience. 
  • The kitchen has three different shelves, one for cooking, a middle shelf for chopping, serving, etc, and the last section to place things. The divided area gives more area to do work. 
  • The drawing room is spacious and despite putting in sofas, it has ample space for movement. We have also put in floor seating as per the client’s demand. 
  • The ceiling has wood paneling and multiple lights with the walls painted white. The adjoining bathroom has a cream color tone to it. 
  • The bedroom has wood flooring with the bathroom having a shower separator. The other bedroom does not have just the basics, but we also made sure we kept a couple of chairs for convenience. Even this room has floor seating. The adjoining bathroom has both a separate shower area and a bathtub. 
  • On climbing the stairs up, we placed a bookshelf and a recliner for the family to relax and read at their pleasure. A false ceiling has been installed here, with a golden hue lighting. 
  • The Children’s bedroom has a grey study table and bookshelf in contrast with the off-white walls of the room. The bathroom follows a walk-in closet. In the other child’s bedroom, the walls are of the same color as the cabinets, establishing the same color scheme throughout the room. 
  • The kid’s bathroom is designed with a pink and white color scheme. While the bed back is pink, the cabinets and study table are white. 

2. Cafe Ababeel Luxury Cafe

The luxury cafe Abadeel was designed by Ansa Interiors, Interior designers in Srinagar while taking care of the client’s requirements. The overall color scheme of the cafe was chosen to be grey and off-white. 

  • We placed bottle caps as a decorative piece on the serving counter. It added a dash of color to the whole shelf. We also included blue-colored hanging lights to complete the look.
  • The tables and chairs have been placed equidistant, with two sections of sofa seating for bigger groups. These have been designed with brown being the prime color. 
  • ‘COFFEE’ is a ceiling inscription that can be found in the cafe. When you look up, you will get something interesting to read, and that adds more charm to the place.
  • A separate part chamber has been created with sofas to attend to bigger private parties. 
  • A bicycle wall decor piece with ‘FOOD’ written in billboard font has been placed near the washrooms. It adds to the aesthetic value of the place.
  • We also designed a private party area in the upstairs space with maroon sofas and a television.
  • Multiple hanging lights can be seen all over the cafe. 

3. The Kabo Tour Hotel

One of the best hotels in Srinagar has been designed by ANSA interiors, the best interior designers in Srinagar.

‘Art of Masnavi’, is their open-air deck restaurant, ‘markasi’, their in-house breakfast dining area, and a 360° open-air restaurant with a gorgeous view and a banquet to go along. 

  • Their indoor restaurant is designed by interior designers in Srinagar, using sofas and chairs for seating purposes. We also placed multiple indoor plants to add to the value of the place. Hanging lights, as well as ceiling lights, have been installed to offer maximum illumination. Window-facing seating has also been designed so that every customer gets a seating of their choice.
  • A separate dining area has been created with a television so that families visiting can sit together and enjoy their meals. 
  • The open-air restaurant has been designed with white being the prime color. The ceiling is not opaque so you can see the sky while you’re dining while also enjoying the landscape around you. Night lights have been specially installed in the roof and walls for better visibility. Wooden chairs and tables have been meticulously chosen and placed in the restaurant.
  • A separate food serving counter has been put together at one side of the restaurant for parties’ self-service. Wooden carved pillars were also put up in the vacant area, to give it a traditional look.
  •  The Banquet is carpeted with Kashmir’s authentic fabrics with the ceiling having pre-installed, white and yellow lights. Various circular tables with chairs have been placed equidistantly. 
  • The roof-top 360° restaurant has a view to marvel at. We place blue and beige-colored sofas with a beige center table. Red sofa chairs were also placed for more people to come together. We coupled it with some plants to complete the look. 

4. Luxury Hotel In Srinagar

A luxury hotel was designed in the heart of Kashmir by the best interior designers in Srinagar. It has been carefully designed to create a beautiful setting and enhance its aesthetic value.

  • The walnut wood carvings have been done on the walls of the hotel to create a beautiful jharokha. 
  • Pick up area is beautifully designed with shades of brown, mirrors, and proper lighting. Panelling and seating arrangements have been done in this area. Wood carvings can be seen behind the entrance counter too.
  • The reception area has Kashmiri carvings in the backdrop. A console and a sitting area are opposite the reception counter. 
  • The suite is the most beautiful of all the rooms. A kitchen is also being designed in this suite, along with a beautiful bathroom and other amenities. Two doors from the common room, lead to the washroom and the bedroom. 
  • Quilled with leather, the backdrop of the room also has metal linings and lighting that gives a great look. The Television area overlooks the room with back panelling and mouldings. 
  • The Bedroom has an attached bathroom with a basin, shower enclosure, and all the other basic amenities. The bedroom is designed with a maharaja bed with a leather quilting at the back and neo-classical designs here and there in the room. We also added some paintings to keep the room some colour.  
  • One of the other rooms of the hotel was designed with leather panelling where we did some embroidery patched in the back of the bed. Uplighters and downlighters have also been designed. Across the washroom, Kashmiri wooden carvings were done to give it a more traditional look. The television and coffee panel is also designed with a glossy wooden finish. 
  • Another hotel room is more of a family room with a kitchen, common area, washroom, master bedroom, and twin bedroom. A circular wall bifurcates the kitchen and bathroom. The master bedroom has traditional wooden carvings at the back of the bed with nice ethnic lights on the walls. The twin bedroom has two twin beds with leather panelling on the backside. 
  • The waiting area on the 5th floor has been designed with a sea green theme. The leather panelling camouflages with mirrors and pillars. 
  • The sixth-floor restaurant has a gorgeous view of the hills. We have put in wooden flooring with white carved pillars to add to the aesthetic value of the place. A buffet counter and private dining area have also been designed. An open area has been kept, without the overhead shed, to enjoy nature coupled with a lot of lights. 

The interior designers in Srinagar always have to keep in mind the topographic conditions of the place when creating it. There are various other factors that one has to keep in mind while designing a place. Opting for interior design courses can be a great thing. The same has been done while designing all these buildings and houses in Srinagar. If you live in Srinagar or any place near, we’re sure this article was very helpful to you. If any of these designs interest you, you can get in touch with us by clicking here