How Do You Decorate A Bachelor Pad?

bachelor pad design for a sportsfan

‘Bachelor Pad’ – For Atelier Magazine – it’s an interview where we sat down and shared our tips on how do you decorate a bachelor pad. 

1.Have you ever designed & decorated a house for a single man? What were the key points you had in your mind?

We have designed a bachelor pad. It revolves around the likes and needs of the person occupying it. This means there are no set rules for designing a bachelor’s home, including the décor things that you will use. It is not important what is in vogue and also what a family oriented home considers while designing.

bachelor pad design for a sportsfan2. What elements do you add to make the home comfortable enough to have the boys over for the big game, and elegant enough to impress the girls?

The man’s cave should express his way of life.

Always choose the things which are simpler and easy to clean. Floral printed cushions or bed sheets, designer hook, fancy trimmings are a “No Entry”. Choose simple straight line minimalistic options for furniture & furnishings. It is easy to clean if things are uncluttered and less in number. Keeping a multipurpose unit or convertible furniture saves space and the effort to clean too many things. Except for your bathrooms you can opt for an absolute open arrangement with “no wall”.

3. What are some of the latest gadgets/technologies which can actually make his living easy?

Technology has come a way ahead from our grandparent’s life style and plays an important role to decorate a bachelor pad. With home-automation, you can remotely control your home from office or wherever you may be. From lights, to checking the door lock, switching on & off air conditioners is now a reality.

A click of a button can change the entire ambience with light control & music control integrated into it. The cameras attached to CCTV can be installed with a Wi-Fi to enable you to check home from a distance.

decorate a bachelor pad with ansa interiors professional helpThere is something called “twine” which is coming up. It’s a micro chip installed with various kinds of temperature & vibration sensors which can warn in an emergency, tell you when the laundry is done, mail you when you leave the door open, message when any of the appliance stop functioning. A bachelor’s pad is full of gadgets. The thumb rule is the more the merrier.        

4. What fun elements can we add to make the house more peppy and user-friendly?

Think dramatic. Old wood feel with heavy sturdy furniture, leather quilting, mega TV, games, and dark tan colored walls, dim lighting, conjures to make a men’s cave.

Lighting plays a very essential role in creating any ambience. Use lampshades with dark, opaque shades that focus the light down and to create a more interesting and dramatic ambiance. Dull light with focus on important pieces and a few dark patches in the room will create the suspense, an essential element in men’s room. Yellow light is definitely a better choice than white or warm white.

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Since most men like gadgets, it is a good idea to incorporate light sensors, remote or voice controlled lighting, light that can change color with a click of a button to change the mood of the room.

Adding sensor operated air conditioning and thumb print lock system, voice controlled automation of blinds & curtains are a garnishing so that you do not waste a part of your memory to remember things like where you kept your house keys, bringing down the curtain on sunset or switching off the AC.

bachelor pad design for a book lover5. How a perfect bachelor bar should look like?

A bachelor’s room has to give a feeling of ‘welcome abode’. An entertainment area with typical settings to enjoy India-Pak match with a glass of beer. The bar completes the look. The bar design should be accomplished with a back counter with sink, fridge, wine cooler, beer-soda machine, ice maker, blenders, proper space for alcoholic, non-alcoholic drinks, dry snacks; glassware, assorted accoutrements, serving set and accessories. A bar has to be designed to serve everything at ease, everything at a hand’s length away.    

6. How to decide the fabric of the couch? Give a few tips!

It is always recommended to take leather or leatherite over fabric as it is easy to clean & can take the spills of drinks & food without getting stained. Dark colours like bottle green, brown & black are stereo type men’s colour.

7. What things to keep in mind while designing the bathroom for a bachelor pad? And what kind of accessories to purchase?

The ‘essentials only’ is a thumb rule.

Distinctly masculine appeal can be brought into male bedroom by use of coolest gadgets, audio visual equipments, selecting intelligent shower technology & a plasma so that you do not miss even one over during a cricket match. The easy to clean with, least possible shelves & storage space is the perfect bachelor bathroom’s design. The tiles should be contemporary solid coloured. The choice of faucets & WC’s is rectangular in shape.

There you go! Those are some of the best kept secrets to decorate a bachelor pad. Bookmark this for future references. In case, you need professional help, call us at +91-9810630334!