Top 6 Contemporary Interior Design Tips You Must Know

contemporary interior design bedroom design for a residence at GK.

If comfort, warmth, and a space that radiates character of its own are your notions around ‘the perfect home’, then contemporary interior design is just for you. For those of you who are at the ideation stage for how your haven should look like, interior designers in Delhi NCR can be of great help.

To help matters, we have some tips and tricks for you. Here is what it takes to get that charming contemporary interior design!

contemporary interior design bedroom design for a residence at GK.1. Balance the hues!

Modern interiors are all about getting the right balance when it comes to colors. It boils down to the perfect interplay between neutrals and the bright colors.

Generally, walls and ceilings should be in blacks, whites or greys. This neutral palette serves as the perfect background for bright colored accessories.

Another option would be using bright colors on the walls, and balancing them with neutral shades elsewhere.

  • 2. Less is more!

With contemporary interior design, less is more. Lines and spaces form the backbone of the modern home aesthetic. The way furniture and accessories are spaced out matters.

Shapes and geometrical designs are quite prominent. Few accessories on the wall with lots of spaces among them, and you are all set! Minimalism is the key concept here.

  • 3. Floor them with style!

Bold and basic is the way to go when it comes to flooring. Wood or tiles are the most popular choices for flooring among interior designers in Delhi NCR. Carpets with intricate designs are best avoided. Instead opt for rugs in neutral colors to add warmth and texture to the space. Geometric patterns in rugs are another great option.

  • 4. ‘Structure’ the furniture right!

For the modern homes, structural elements are of utmost importance while selecting the furniture. As with the flooring, go bold and basic with the furniture too. Go for simple pieces- tables, chairs, beds sans extravagant carvings or fancy elements are the way to go. Try and scout the market for unique furniture pieces which stand out. Stay away from excessive prints and detailing. For pillows and cushions, go with solid geometric shapes. They not only create an illusion of space but work well to add texture to the modern interior. Get the furniture you need but do not clutter the space, is our recommendation!

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  • 5. Light it up!

How can we forget lighting when it comes to contemporary interior design! Make use of spotlights for the décor you want to bring into focus. Another thing to do is incorporating patterns and metallic elements for the lighting in the house. This is one of the most effective ways to create a rustic yet modern vibe. Use minimal but eye-catching accessories. As mentioned earlier, less is more! Also ensure there is ample flow of natural light in all the rooms.

  • 6. A bit of this and that!

Some more elements in a modern home that could make all the difference? Go for big floral and plant arrangements that spruce up the entire space. Go heavy on metals and stones when it comes to accessories for that earthy feel. Go contemporary with the crockery too. The market is replete with modern designs in geometric patterns. Keep them stunning yet subtle. You can also add some texture through the use of aesthetic table mats and napkins.

Follow these basic tips and tricks and you are on your way to the simple yet sophisticated interior you always dreamt of!